A reason to write…again

This blog is dedicated to two great guys – budding writers – who have motivated me to write… again. 

As a kid I was quite the introspective kid.  Naughty, but introspective.  As an early reader with a highly imaginative mind, I thought a lot about things I had no business with as a child. Those thoughts were woven into poems I drafted later on as a teenager which might have been naive but weren’t all that bad. I lost the whole lot to a faulty floppy disk in which they were saved. If only I had listened to suggestions to have them published! 😦

Being a withdrawn (and very melancholic) individual, I had difficulty in keeping a normal conversation going, but I was a good listener and writing was no problem for me (I still prefer SMS and chats).  I wrote tons of letters at the slightest opportunity (my boyfriends got the brunt of that). After a major heartbreak I gave up writing, although I still wrote my gospel songs (with great effort).

Fast forward three, four years to 2011.  I left my home state (Plateau) for Lagos (Nigeria’s New York City), to serve my country for one year (NYSC).  Though it was everything I wanted and looked forward to, it was one hell of a year.  The fast lifestyle kept me on my toes, and the only me-time I had were the two-hour bus rides to and from work, when I could either read a book, sight-see, sleep, or pray.  Most importantly, thought a lot, and I thought about wanting to write.

I wanted to write on everything from thoughts about my (Nigeria’s) president, the bus conductors, to the massive floods and people I met. I wanted to remember the friends I had and the family I love.  I needed to remind myself of who I was and why I came to Lagos, so as not to lose focus.  I wanted to write but I couldn’t.  I just lacked the motivation.  I actually blamed it on my work environment (including my colleagues) and lack of sufficient doses of humour!

A month or two before I rounded up my Youth Service, I met Mike and Osisiye.  The events and our subsequent discussions were mutually exclusive, but they were inspiring. 

Mike has a twisted mind (very similar to mine years ago, haha!), writes articles and lots of poems, and has been kind enough to share websites on writing skills.  He just recently gave me two very serious books which are kind of boring, but being that I like challenges, I will read them soon enough. 

Osisiye is a freelance writer and a dear friend. He’s got a great sense of humour and his blogs gave the spark.  Here is his link: http://chipsonmarble.wordpress.com/ . You can check him out and tell me what you think.

For fear of being criticized so soon I’m not going to tell them about this blog… maybe when I feel confident enough…

So here I am, writing for the first time.  You will have to forgive me for I am quite rusty and rough around the edges.  Ironically, writing doesn’t seem to be the problem anymore – it’s finding the time to do that in-between work hours!

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