Wake up!


By nature, I am not an early riser.  I love to stay up late though – reading, talking, watching a movie or just thinking.  But even if I slept much earlier, I would never ever enjoy the “refreshing” feeling of waking up early. All my life I did that to please my parents, lecturers and now my boss.  Would I have been more receptive at school or more productive at work, if I had more sleep, I wonder?  
I made attempts to wake up early by buying fancy but really loud alarm clocks, and I would place it somewhere far from the bed (like, say my wardrobe) so that whenever it rang I would have to kick and trip in the dark to try to find it and put it off, getting more awake in the process. It did work for a while, until my brain mastered the room’s geography in the dark and I would walk calmly to the ringing object without kicking a thing(eyes closed, mind you), put it off and go back to sleep…
One day, I hope to make myself happy by waking up when I please, and when I do, it will be with a smirk on my face, everyday.  I guess by then all the years of self-denial(?) would have actually paved the way for that point in my life.
Maybe waking up early is better, after all.




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