Perfect Rainy Days

My idea of a perfect rainy day is when I’m indoors with a cup of anything hot & sweet, a cool movie or an interesting book.  Better still is having your beau around – snuggle mode activated, haha!

I was silly enough to let the weather determine my emotions, once.  Rainy day = sad mood, sunny day = happy mood, rain + thunderstorm = arggghh!  I don’t know how it started, but it went on for a while, until I was reminded in an article (or was it a sermon?) that the same God who created good days also created the bad, so why discriminate?  Two things happened: first, I felt comforted by the fact that I wasn’t the only weirdo in the universe and second, I had to rein my emotions despite my situation and not let weather conditions be a remote control for my behaviour.

Now I have reasons to love rainy days:

1. I sleep much better (like I ever have the chance)

2. Everywhere smells much sweeter (at least for a while, Lagos air is so stuffy!)

3. Everywhere looks kinda cleaner (If i ignore the over flooded gutters)

4. I get to wear my funky sweaters & scarves (its so colorful when everybody else wears it in Jos… I miss Jos!)

5. Guys, help me out?  I really need more reasons to love rainy days. Consider it an act of charity!


2 thoughts on “Perfect Rainy Days

  1. Lifecraft: Na so o! at least the rain not only puts you to sleep but it acts as a cooling system yeah? And who told you no generator after 12am? My neighbour's generator runs NON-STOP whenever light no dey!


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