Why I dont have a favorite color

What’s your favorite color?

As kids we all grew up with the assumption that the color pink belonged girls and blue to boys, right? Right? 

Wherever did that rule come up from anyways?  Why not the other way round, like green for girls and orange for boys? pink and blue piglets Oh well. The observation was that kids grew up to adopt that ideology and as a result, picked colors with similar characteristics.  Ladies picked light and bright colors as their favorites, while men picked darker shades of the wheel.  They not only did that, but unconsciously inflicted the same brain wash to their kids.  And the cycle continued.    

Even as the tradition still lives on in our conventional society, it’s good to know that in recent times (my generation included, thank you) people are no longer interested in, and conform to the stereotype, but are searching for diverse ways of identity, all in a bid to seem unique.

Me, my favourite color was black.  It must have been the assuring quality it had of being steadfast, strong and bold (qualities I lacked but quietly prayed for).  It was compatible with and remained faithful to every other colour (qualities I hoped I already had).  Or maybe I picked it for the very reason that I found it stressful making a choice between many options – a weakness I still bear and will talk about another day.

I spent years being faithful to the black color – if you are of the opinion that it is a color. Most artists will say it is not.  My eyes, nails, mouth and clothing bore the mark of my loyalty until I got bored and decided for a change.  

What’s your favourite colour?

“Black-and-blue”, I would reply, forgetting the association of the phrase to physical violence.  I adopted blue because I truly began to appreciate it, but I couldn’t let go of black, and so they had to become a single color of sorts.  Meanwhile, my kid sister chose black-and-red as her favorite ‘color’.  Oh my. 

Over the years, I have seen basic colors evolve into these fantastic shades in all their blinding glory. they are given new names and codes, and they are seen in cosmetics, prints, and yes – on wedding days.  We are living in interesting times.  

I figured, why limit myself to a two-themed color when there are rainbows of fun waiting to burst into my life?

Slowly began to try hot pink and bright red on lips, green and blue nails, orange and green clothing.  Believe it or not, a friend even said he didn’t think such (lip) colors were for me…Did I overdo it? I think not!   

My eye shadow has remained black – to maintain the mystery. I’m sure you understand.  

What’s your favourite colour?

Right now, I have none, Anything goes for me.  What’s yours?


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