The Big Picture: A poem

Here is something I wrote a few weeks ago, one of the spontaneous stuff Mike suggested I do. “Just pick up a pen and start to write” he told me.  So here it is… The issue of abuse and harassment is becoming a MEGA issue in Nigeria.  In the past week I’ve heard and read creepy stories and I would like to use this as a means of standing against the wave, and sending a prayer out to all those who have been victims. 

The pattern begins like a dream
and the dream becomes reality.
It weaves itself into a thick web
that chokes the life out of you.

Used. abused. prey…
Used. abused. predator.
Vicious cycle fed by the dark 
becoming a life out of your life..

Needing, wanting, hating yourself.
Wanting to break the chain 
of endless nights – dreams becoming reality
choking the life out of you

Cutting, bleeding, giving yourself
you are the prey and predator.
Afraid of the dark that has become 
a second life out of your life. 

Longing for a life you knew you had 
but one you scarcely remember
Wanting to atone for something 
that deserves guilt – already fading

The pattern can only be broken
by facing yourself my dear.…
perfect love drives out all fear

                                                Feedback, anyone?


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