Rainbow of Emotions: A poem

Anger wells up from within
Smoldering, red hot.
If you seek its origin
You may find a lot of hurt.
Doubt pervades the atmosphere
Trembling, dark grey.
Uncertain: will the past
lead to a future reward someday?
Hope…that budding seed
of dreams emits a dark green.
it breathes, it pulses, it gives life
to things yet unseen
Sadness depresses, suppresses
shivering, ice blue.
it cracks with the weight 
of regrets – not a few.
Love grows along the way
A warm, gay gold
Not telling how it smiled on you
Or when it’s going to go
Hate – that blistering wound
which spreads a blinding black.
lies in wait for a single chance
to take over your heart
Happiness, seen in eyes that twinkle
emits an aura of yellow.
hear the laughter from its glow 
even in the echoes
What of peace? always sought for
Calm, quiet white.
It caresses your heart when you’re on your knees
in the darkness of the night

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