How’d my birthday go this year?

My birthday wasnt too bad – even though it was devoid of a proper celebration.  To be honest, I didn’t plan a thing, and that’s because I’ve been planning for my sister’s wedding coming up in let’s see… 11 days!  I’m planning a (more than 12-hour) trip, bridal shower, and my total look for the day (head to toe must be smashing!).  In view of all of that, and given my current pay check, a birthday celebration seemed insignificant.  And I do love my colleagues at work, but they were not a strong enough incentive to want to do anything big.  So, all I did was give myself a good grooming session and head off to work. The least I could do was look pretty, *wink*wink*! 

The highlights:
One of my bosses had her birthday the previous day (May day) so lunch was served: rice, cake, drinks!  It was almost like I was celebrating my own birthday (lucky devil, I am eh?) 
Anyways, I spent the rest of the day picking the usual calls from my clients; and even the crappiest callers didnt wear me out!

I couldn’t pick my calls at work but I got lots of texts and facebook messages, and I replied to every single one of them!  I mean, I appreciated all of the kind gestures.  Truely, I felt i didn’t deserve them cause I have been sooooooo inactive on all  platforms, and if you didn’t know what was going on in my life you would assume that I had just ignored the whole world.  So, replying every message was not a burden at all.

I got a pretty “just-like-me” card from a colleague at work, and my niece and nephew gave me hand made cards and a blue hair comb.  They also acted two monotonous playlets in my honour though I had to endure the excruciating experience of watching it alone, I did appreciate it! πŸ™‚

My aunt (their mom) happened to come over during the weekend, and she cooked this huge birthday dinner for me: rice with a chicken and fish stew.  She also gave me two hair combs (Wait – are these people manufacturing it somewhere?).  I now have 3 new (and identical) hair combs, added to the 3 I had previously. Oh wow.

I ended up buying drinks for everyone at work the next day, cause it formed part of my ‘thanksgiving offering’ to God for keeping me alive and in grace so far.  Looking back at one year in Lagos, with all the ups and downs, and still being on top, is a huge reason to be grateful.  

So many colleagues and bosses are May babies, so the birthday celebrations will still continue in the office.  In fact, as i speak to you, I’m nibbling on small chops of  samosa, spring rolls, grilled gizzard, and buns, courtesy of another top bosses” birthday.  We have two more bosses and about 4 more colleagues to go, so imagine what the rest of the month will be like… celebration galore!

When the hell is somebody going to plan a surprise party for me,  eh?


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