Jack of all trades

I heard somewhere that every individual possibly possesses  100 gifts, talents, and abilities.  The level at which these are displayed however, depend on a lot of conditions such as environment, training and development.  I do believe this fact especially when I see all sorts of geniuses we have – even in Nigeria!  The art of doing so well in a wide variety of activities however, does make one to seem like a jack of all trades, and master of none, not so?
I have had that feeling for a while now, due to the diverse range of professions I have been involved in. 
First of all I started as a secretary, then a sales representative.  I then worked in a cyber-cafe (learning IT, including a little networking).  I also did lots of events planning, baking/catering, singing/song writing and can boast of knowing a few chords on the piano and guitar.  You should know by now that I have some “military training”.  I was also a conflict manager for basketball players, a peer counsellor for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS as well as other things that I can’t even remember.  At the moment my current ‘training’ involves dance! 🙂
And when we talk of hobbies, I wrote short stories as a kid (and sold the books for N10 I guess), read novels, collected stamps, coins, perfume bottles, wine bottles, beach sand and shells.  
Now I want to indulge in photography, make up artistry, bead making and other “fun” stuff…
To be honest, I can’t claim I know all that I know a 100%, which worries me: I’m I a jack of all trades?
If I were to base all my interests, hobbies, fantasies and “I can”s on the 100-ability fact, then I am not only in the right, but I am yet to discover over 90% of what I can achieve!  oh wow, that means I can still attempt to learn ice and roller skating, Braille, hand-writing interpretation, gun shooting…. the list is endless, haha!
Thank God I read Management Science; maybe I can come up with a way of merging all these stuff into one nicely wrapped money-making machine.  After all, I still owe someone the promise of owning a conglomerate… 

4 thoughts on “Jack of all trades

  1. omg nuala, trust me your resume is so intimidating,makes me feel like i have been sleeping all my life simply in the silly wonder of wandering "what is the best thing i can do?"enough wandering cause at this junction, am so delving in! gracias!so loving this!


  2. Hey Kenny, thanks! I am sure that you have truck loads of super hero stuff within you. All you need is a pen, paper, good music and a good drink, haha! With a little thinking, you will discover lots of abilities… Hopefully one of them will be helping me come up with a business plan, teehee!


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