Let’s see a movie?

Me, I like to watch TV. I’m the sort that could stay up an extra hour watching some interesting  documentary, the food channel  or cartoons. As kids, I, Hoomsuk & Kemen would sneak into the living room at night after everyone had gone to sleep, turn on the TV and watch black and white movies with the volume turned off. We would just stare at the pictures. Better still if the movie was a re-run; we could replay the lines in our heads.

Growing up, horror movies were watched in the afternoons with ice-cream to go, that way we were never scared of the terror. Now, we feed on the adrenalin of thrillers…that doesn’t stop us from screaming though!  I remember when we watched Final Destination – was it part 2? When the girl had a premonition of a truck load of logs causing a lot of havoc? Well when everything started going bad we actually paused the movie and ran round the house screaming! When we were done, we calmed down to watch the rest. Haha!

 I’ve long lost a preference for movie channels,  as long as the pictures are engaging and  will not decrease my IQ levels at the end of the day. I have been watching a lot of kids stuff these days though; when I get back from work that’s all my niece and nephew are forever doing.
In no order of preference, these are my movie categories:
  • Animations: They have great humour content and I really love to laugh.
  • Thrillers/horror: Apart from a laugh, an occasional adrenalin rush is also good for your heart, I think!
  • Action & Adventure: I don’t mind if the good or bad guy wins! I also love it when a girl gets do the butt kicking, heheheh.
  • Romantic comedies are better than reading a romantic book – I keep rolling my eyes when I read a romantic book, ugh! But watching one sort of fuels my idealistic fantasy that true love really exists.
  • Espionage also gives me a great kick, I love the way it makes me try to analyze what could possibly happen next, which is usually a win-lose situation, but its still a nice mind game for me.
  • Un-categorized: Movies like Hachi (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1028532/) fall into this section, real quiet movies that make you cry and leave an impression forever.  I watched this movie with my friend (Name undisclosed, he she would kill me if I ever did that cause we both cried!)
I’ve not had a lot of movie time lately, but since I have embarked on a project titled In Pursuit of my Happiness 101, I think I’m going to pick it up again.  Either alone or with a girlfriend (best bet being Kemen), the cinema (and our laptop) screens are going to see a lot of me laughing, crying, screaming, rolling-my-eyes-at or hooting at them!  Not to forget my favorite crunch snack: Pringles, yay! or popcorn, or prawn crackers, or Doritos, or… cant seem to make up my mind… 😉

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