Rains, Floods and Bridges…

It’s been raining in Lagos for 8 days!  I am not not sure if this is the 7-day rain I hear about as part of the Lagos legends, but at the rate its going, it had better be!  I’ve been getting to work drenched and sometimes late due to the bad roads and floods, although I was lucky to get to work dry today.  I’m told here isn’t half as bad as on the Island, and I do believe, seeing pictures on-line of houses and cars being swallowed up… Scary.Rains, Floods & Bridges...

The Lagos state government a few days ago announced that people living in flood-prone areas should find alternative sources of shelter during this season…  Where to now?  In an already overpopulated state, where do you want “us” to move to?  It sounds like the government’s trying to play a sick joke on the people…

 They (government) also made a comment in the news saying that they were going to dedicate the monthly sanitation exercise to clean up drainages in an attempt to de-flood certain areas.  I mean, this should have been done like last year (even though I DID SEE a few construction sites on drainages after last year’s rains – to their credit).  Just because people haven’t started dying yet, does not mean this rain/flood issue should be taken lightly. Left to me I’d just dump the other projects and focus on preventing the state from sinking. But what do I know? I’m just an ignorant citizen of Nigeria, who doesn’t know how technical these proceedings are, and just want things done her way.

Rains, Floods & Bridges...There are also plans on ground to fix the third mainland bridge.  This some good action, but really, how are all the commuters going to get to work through the other alternative routes?  I may have missed it in the news, so somebody tell me if those routes were fixed in readiness of its overuse for the next 4 months?  If Lagos still experienced gridlocks when the bridge was effective, imagine what happens when it is shut down… ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

 On the other hand, I wish we could just do our part as citizens and not help to block all the gutters and roads with our empty sachets of pure water, gala, ice cream, plantain, lacasera sodas and water bottles which we consume while living our lives on the streets of Lagos…

I say “we “now, not because I am guilty of this crime (thank you ma and pa, for the good training you gave me – I still carry my trash in a secret part of my bag until I find where to throw it, haha!), but because we as a people also have a part to play in helping the government to do its work.

So please if you are one of those people guilty of littering the streets of our homes and express ways with your leftovers, STOP IT!  I also want to talk to those people who eat food during bus rides and litter the bus in the process, it not only shows lack of discipline, it is also irritating to watch!!  Seriously, its annoying to see someone eat boiled corn and “ube” and spit out the seeds right inside the bus!  Not that I don’t eat o – I sometimes do, but I carry my stuff around until I find a place to trash it.

This is my own little thought on the matter.  In the meantime people, please stay as safe as you can during this rainy season.  Play your part, and may God bless Nigeria!

Rains, Floods & Bridges...

P.S. : Will somebody remind me to PLEASE buy an umbrella?!?

***”Ube” – a small pear-like fruit which is grilled and/or cooked in hot water, and eaten with roast corn. A delicacy prepared and found on every street in Nigeria!


4 thoughts on “Rains, Floods and Bridges…

  1. Nice write up Nuala.Its everyone dat get wet and late 2 their offices including students. I sometimes wonder if d so called government officials travel through roads in d state d roads are and nt think of making it better. Its annoying 2 spend 2hrs in hold up only 2 find out dat it was just cause by a small pot hole on d road.D govt said their are alternative routes, d question is are those routes good enough 2 take d pressure of d nos of commuters diverted there? Govt should think and nt just do things.


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