Hello world!

Um, hello everyone!

This is my very first post on this site.  I’m a little nervous because as a budding blogger I had to look around for inspiration and reading lots of blogs on this site was not only inspiring, but intimidating!

I’ve imported the very few I started off with – from blogspot.com.  Lots of people had issues navigating the site especially from their mobile devices and so I was sort of pushed into using this site.  Hey, its a crappy excuse to be here but the end justifies the means, does it not?  Besides, a little birdie (name with-held) once blogged that if Google didn’t own blogspot they probably would have used wordpress, haha! So as much as I cherish my roots, I think its time to widen the nest just a little…

I started writing (again) mainly because writing helped to unclog my crazy mind, so I kinda write for sanity’s sake.  I focus on memories and try to bring out the good in them, maybe that way I don’t have to worry so much over nothing.

I’m looking forward to reading about more inspiring people and becoming an inspiration myself, wordpress-style!

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