A fight to the finish

I’m the kind of person who always sees a task to the end. No matter how hard, painful or nerve-racking, I always see my tasks to the end. I’ve been known to use the phrase “Never start what you can’t finish”, and you will hardly find me involved in a project in which I cannot visualize its existence or its completion. running-race-winner

Examples of such situations have been with my pet project “Christmas For Everyone” also known as X4E, an annual Christmas concert which was held in Jos Plateau for 7 years. There were times when the project brought me to my knees and drew tears from my eyes, but somehow, I would tell myself: “You’ve gotta finish what you started”. That inner drive, plus the love and support of many others, helped me to always run a successful concert.

Another was when I was the only female training among 11men on happy black army10-day para-military course in the Leadership Mountain School in Jos. We were built into two teams to compete against each other in a hiking expedition known as a “Compound Scheme”. I remember a team-mate being nervous about our chances of winning because I was the ‘”weakest link”. That was all I needed… during the long trek I rejected many efforts to assist me only when necessary, and even though the mountain climb was the most excruciating I’ve had in my life, I made it to the top, bottom, and we finished the competition(after a sleep-over in the wild), winning!

I think I have applied this philosophy to other aspects of my life as well, most importantly relationships. I have found out that when I meet someone and a relationship blossoms, I put as much effort in it as I would any other task in my life. And when I find out its going downhill, I make a conscious effort to make it work. My friends usually tell me to let it go (especially when they feel that the dude is a bum and not worth my salt), but I can’t. I am determined to see it to the end, and most times I do, heehee! What I mean is that if I started a relationship in the first place, I must have visualized it getting to some comfortable platform, and I ought to work hard enough to get it there – if the other party is willing, of course – and if he isn’t I tend to come off as trying too hard… get the picture?

I’ve been known to be strong headed when it comes to stuff I believe in, and I refuse to let go even when sometimes I know the end is coming. Sure it’s coming but I certainly will not be seen as the scaredy cat running off in defeat. I accept all outcomes with my head held high…I can beat myself up the closet later!

There was a time I felt it wasn’t worth fighting for anything at all, but Bunmi said it would pay off one day: an abandoned child who needed someone not to give up on her/him could someday need the likes of me. So even though it seems to kill me, I will keep fighting for everything I believe in and stand for: my Christian faith, the power of love, family ties and human rights.  Once I get started on anything in any of these categories, believe me I will see my fight to the finish…

What are you willing to fight for, even if it seems to be killing you?  


My current fight is perfecting my SOD dance moves for our upcoming event titled 15.  A post on that is coming up, in a bit! 😀

8 thoughts on “A fight to the finish

  1. Wow my friend! Wow! Wow! Wonderfully written. I want to be, and write like u. I know when you went tru most of your experiences and all, and looking back, I think I finally know what pushed, no, what drove you. Now I understand and I am inspired!


  2. You just described me.. In. a “tush” way, stubborn, hard-head when it comes to letting go and tough in difficult situations… Just add “the funny guy with the grace of God as his only weapon” and I would have sent you a letter through my lawyer… Good piece though and I still wish to write grammar in style like you…


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