I am a shoe freak… and I love it!

I wish, lol.  I love shoes, don’t get me wrong, but just like every other vice in my life, I have learned to minimize all freaky addictions to an almost boring level!   This post is coming from a friend of mine who absolutely loves shoes and she shares with us how her “passion” was born.  She has a similar story with Kimora Lee and Mariah Carey, and another friend of mine who I intend to introduce to our guest writer too! We have an online chat session booked, and we three are going to share shoe stories… although I doubt I will be of much use there… *sigh.



This may be funny
But I LOVE shoes!
I have a relationship with and a story behind every pair I own…and this is not to brag, but I have a lot..in almost every colour you can think of..

You see, it started like this.

My parents have 7 kids,plus a lot of beneficiaries since I was growing up. A lot of people who depended on my parents.

Life was good. Very good until my dad lost his job as far back as 1988. The eldest of us had just completed her secondary school education.

My mum called us kids and told us what happened. She told us to pick: either keep going to our very good schools while she struggles to pay our fees OR keep on with the high standard of living we were already used to.

It wasn’t really much of a choice she was giving because being an academician, it had to be school!

So the struggle started. Years and years of struggle. Years of going without the stuff all my mates were wearing. Years and years of managing.

I remember when I was in the university, I’d save all the money I could from the meager pocket money I was getting and buy one shoe for the semester.. That shoe would see me through weddings..and oh there were sooo many! Through burials, through lectures and Yes, through parties! (I quite loved parties)


So it went..one shoe, each semester.

Seeing as my mum was suffering to keep us together, there was no way I could inflate school fees or money for handouts to buy anything that was as trivial as a shoe.

And no way I’d do anything as drastic as stealing, big or small scale prostitution for shoes! No way I was going to compromise my standards (Mama taught us better than that)

Through all that we learnt that it was a matter of time before things went right again.

God did pull us through.

We grew up. All seven of us. Light at last at the end of the tunnel. Life became easier. A lot easier. Burden off my mother.

I went to serve and from my first allowance bought a black peep toe. I absolutely loved that shoe. It was the beginning of the scratch of the itch I had for shoes.

I started to buy shoes..it was(still is) like a craze.
I don’t think about it. I see what I like, I have it. That simple.

Besides it being a craze,
You see shoes make u look sophisticated and classy.
They complete your look 

Its like a sort of revenge for all the years I went without pretty things.. And its my only vanity.

Life is short..what’s a little vanity as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone?

My shoes are all high heeled.(Helps with my height)

Some of them ache when I wear them but what’s a little ache compared to people who have no feet?

What’s a little ache compared to the ache of the thousands that go without food, talk more of shoes?

What’s a little pain compared to the years of managing and going without them?

I wear them proudly..they are a constant reminder of the stuff I’m made of and where I come from..

For me, GOD, plus keeping my HEAD, STANDARD and HEELS High complete me.



10 thoughts on “I am a shoe freak… and I love it!

  1. Can’t recall any piece on indulgence written with such beauty, made addiction a wondeeful thing and hey, the article made the pix out there less attractive.


  2. You know that feeling when you have to hold yourself from screaming because people around will think you have gone bananas….that’s how I feel…so raw and gripping… you just cruise through each word and get offended it had to end so soon…I’m in love with shoes now…:-)


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