I knew him already, but only superficially.
I knew everything everyone had to say about him….
 He was proud, he was an empty brain, he was a horrible casanova.
So of course, as any ‘sensible’ girl would, I put as much distance between us as the circumstance would allow.
In hindsight, it is funny, because it seemed, well, seems, that our fates are intertwined.
I met him in a very funny manner.
I was on my own, minding my business not looking for trouble at lunch one day when he came to the canteen to get some food.
I pretended not to see him, with the hope that he’d get his own table, but No! He came straight for my table.
I was not pleased, to say the least, but decided to stay on a few minutes, instead of abandoning my table, after all I got there first!
And then we got talking.
He seemed nice, and I left that table gladly able to strike off the ’empty brain’ gist of him.
Dull people just bore me to death!
I didn’t let myself forget the ‘horrible casanova’ bit, He wasn’t going to trick me with his ‘niceness’ and intelligence.
So, since we’d talked already, we were acquaintances.
Some of my own friends were his friends.  So often than not, we were around the same people and the same places.
It wasn’t long before he became my own friend. He got my number off a list and started to call me up.
We began hanging out and I found out that he wasn’t as proud as people said he was.  In fact he was as down to earth and as humble as a man who knew the meaning and impact of those words could be.
Well…even after proving people wrong two times, I stubbornly hung on to the casanova bit.
I wasn’t going to be one of the girls he could add to his supposed list.
We became very good friends
No…I zoned him into the ‘good friends’ compartment of my life. All thoughts of anything further was firmly rejected.
And he tried.
He was there when I needed any sort of help.
He was there when I was having a bad day and just needed to talk.
He was there when all the guys came, tried their luck and left!
He was there when I was just plain sad or mindlessly happy.
He’d call and talk for hours on end.
He’d send messages and visit whenever he could but I remained adamant.
I thought I remained adamant..
I had slipped somewhere without knowing.
I had fallen deeply in love with kayode.                                                                     falling-in-love3
I began to feel upset if I didn’t hear from him, if I didn’t know where he was, who he was with or what he was up to.
Kayode never formally asked me to be his girl, but together we found the beginning of something beautiful.
He has become the high point of my day, he has become my EVERYTHING!
And the beautiful part of all this is that I have proved he is no Casanova.

7 thoughts on “KAYODE.

  1. Best article i have read on this blog.. Simply beautiful….. i hope the writer and kayode end up together too… Cant stop nodding my big head….


    1. Get outta here, Tunji! Just kidding, heehee! I love the post too, that’s why it’s here – for your pleasure. I’m also keeping my fingers crossed regarding Tayo and herself… I will keep you guys posted – stick around! 😀


  2. Nice story wit rhythms as well! OMG! I almost fell 4 dis dude “Kayode”… I cant bliv i just said d@, but its a confession give away frm me…. Noolah i sincerely wish i can blog as well but time dey act as clog in my wheels o.


    1. This is a true story my friend, so the rhymes come as a bonus! 😀 Well If you can’t blog, you can always enjoy the posts and make comments – which you are doing so beautifully well! Thanks for all your time and comments, they make me happy! 😀


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