The Notebook #1

Over the weekend my cousin wrote on his Facebook wall how he watched “The Notebook” movie and was moved to tears by it.  There were comments by people (including me) who spoke about how emotional it was and how we wished we had true love just like that. I think we had true love just like that, but were either too young to realise and nurture it, or too old to believe in it.  

I’ve decided I’m going to make a virtual notebook.  Here’s what I’m gonna do:

  1. Send me mails of what you feel represented true love in your lifetime. Anything. Be creative. It just has to be from one person to another, mailed, posted or handwriten (specify). 
  2. I’ll use my “emotional meter” and post the best of the lot.  Being that my blog focuses more on memories, we can have a notebook that reminds us of what we shared and still share with our loved ones.  
  3. Please ensure that you edit private information (Names and Locations) as needed before you send though!  
  4. To join the notebook, subscribe to this blog, follow me on twitter and send a DM with your email address.  I can now send you an email to which you will mail your notebook page
  5. To kick off this “notebook”, here is entry one:

How you doing? I know you’re good at taking care of yourself so I’m sure you are okay. I’m at work. It’s quiet even with one customer here and no music (can’t think of what to listen to). And as is the usual case, thinking of you.
Yesterday I got home from work and went straight to bed. Didn’t wake up until 8:30 pm and then I got the quilt, went outside and watched the sky. It was a very very bright night and I felt the moon was as bright as the sun because I could hardly gaze at it for long and my eyes would water! Anyways, P & M came up and we wrapped ourselves in the quilt (I later went to the back) and we just stared. I kept thinking of you, and what you were doing. Were you sleeping, gisting with A.E working on your phone or watching the sky like I was? 
Life is so hard! Having to make decisions that you feel are best for you and for those around you, knowing that those decisions could either make or break any one of you. I appreciate the effort that you are making to make a decision for yourself. I must admit that the decision could have an effect on us for good (we pick up, learn our errors, try to make each other happy) or for “notsogood” (we remain apart). The thought of not knowing which you would decide is what worries me. Nevertheless, I am trying to prepare myself for what lies ahead. I am trying to give you as much time as possible to focus, and I will try to accept your decisions as final, and what is best for us. I will respect you. These trying periods in our lives are what make us stronger, and they define who we are and what we will become. I believe that in your quiet moments God is moulding you to become the person he destined you to be. I pray that he guides you through your painful moments, and speaks to your heart.
I don’t know when I will see you, or when you will read this, but as I write this I want you to know that I love you, and I miss you.

What do you think of this entry?


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