The Notebook #2: Merry Christmas, with love

So this project is coming up slower than I imagined, haha! But its no worries. I”m happy to announce that there is another love letter to fill page two of my virtual notebook. I hope you can grasp what the letter says and try to imagine what the couple were going through at that point in time. In the meantime please let me know if you would like to share your love notes too! Enjoy…

hello sweetheart. got ur text only this morning. missing u too. well i guess it is normal or it isnt? i thot of us and everything that was happening and all i can say is ill try all i can do to make u happy. Well this is suppossed to be our first christmas together and i can say so far things have been going slightly of plan but you are still my number one. I was going to write something for u but all i had was an empty sheet of paper. i dont think its a brain fog, i think it is just not knowing what or how to describe u. I just know i havent come across somebody with a heart like yours. i just thot of everyone special in my life and i just know u are different. it is something i cant place my finger on till now. the truth is i know i see it but i dont know how to discribe it. It is not just a normal feeling. i guess it has something to do with heaven. somehow i can now understand why you cant stop loving. cause it is in you. everything you do. i guess it is just who u are. i want u to understand something. our quiet moments together dont mean im sad or something is stressing me. it is like seeing an angel with no wings and trying to figure out how she got off the ground. like still trying to understand why heaven let u live on earth. it just dont make sense!! not trying to flatter you. all i am saying is Thank you for being you and being able to love this much. I just feel i dont deserve it after all ive been through and ll i have done adn the best way God can punish me is to send someone like you to me?
Thank you so much once more and i hope you have the best of the season. hoping your wishes come true this coming year. Love u and take care of yours


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