On the threshold of a New Year

I remember watching movies with scenes of New Year’s Eve, when people gathered to have fun and count down into the new year. Everyone would stare at the clock, holding hands or a drink and all together scream “10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!”, after which the kissing and drinking would commence on a very gleeful note. From the scenes of those movies I gathered that new year’s should be a time spent with family, friends and loved ones.

I also remember movie scenes where some people spent those days alone and depressed, most times in the midst of all the fanfare… I learned that one shouldn’t spend new year’s alone.


Here, New Year’s Eve is spent in various churches with members praying their way into a new year. It is believed that God’s Spirit is highly present during the cross-over, and His guidance, blessing and direction can be strongly felt at this time. Here we are told to amend our ways, pick up and dust off the resolutions we dropped 6weeks after we made them in the current year. Regrets are buried and hope is rekindled….

After church daddy always opened a bottle of wine and mom gave out pieces of fried chicken. We would toast to “long life and prosperity” (always), clink glasses, and spend the next hour or two watching the countdown across the globe from our Cable TV…


In 2012 I was away from family. I remember spending New year’s day alone at the cinemas.

The new year usually brings mixed feelings as one is haunted by ghosts of mistakes past, dreams unfulfilled and hopes dampened. The blues also affects those who are usually away from loved ones for some reason and have to celebrate alone.


Its 2013!
I lie in bed and think, I’m alone, just like in the movies. But that isn’t true. I have family sleeping across my room – after church we watched SkyNews show us celebrations round the world while we nibbled on stuff.

Then there’s the truck load of friends I’ve made over the past year, each with a story that binds us, some bonds growing stronger by the day, and others flapping in the wind, but a bond, nonetheless.

Because of these people I know what I tell myself is not true. It’s not true because I have a lifetime of memories to feed on: tradition, relationships, happy moments. I am living an adventure, and I have the most exciting people in the world to make it worthwhile! And although in my story I have reasons to hang my head in defeat, I have more reasons to hold it up high, because near and far I have my family and friends. I am not alone.

Happy 2013, everyone, and may our best wishes come true!


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