To love or not to love? That is the question.

To love or not to love.... That is the question.

January is almost over, and February is a day away. While some of us don’t really have much to look forward to, others will be emotionally and financially preparing for Valentines day. 😀

So, in honor and support of one of the most powerful motivators of all time – LOVE, I will make the attempt to post a love-related picture and quote everyday in the month of February.  I’d like to share your thoughts as well, so please feel free to comment as the days roll by!

The idea is to have fun really, but who knows – someone might be encouraged or inspired by one of the posts! 😉

So while we drool over our paychecks (By now most of us should have gotten our bank alerts, yes? yes??), remember to budget some of that hard-earned cash for two weeks away!


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