You suck, but I still love you.

BaggageSometimes the people we love have habits we wish they didn’t have, but you stay with them because you hope you can help them become the person they aspire to be.

You’ve heard the statement “you can’t change anyone”, but this time it could be different – anything is possible! Hey, I think its possible too, only if the person wants to change, and wants you to be the reason for that change…

And if you know you suck and someone sticks with you even though you do, then that person’s gotta really love you. So I suggest you clean up your act and make being loved worth it!


4 thoughts on “You suck, but I still love you.

  1. Nice girl!!! Make being loved worth it and never let someone that loves you regret it. The person respect, cherish, believes in you and what you represent. It is possible if we have it in mind to change cos change is the only constant thing in life. I always enjoy your write up. Thumbs up dear!!! Wish to see you soon


  2. I do agree with you because change is the only constant thing in life and your attitude towards your spouse goes a long way in determining the kind of expectation and results you will see, you cannot plant hatred and expect to reap love, what you give determines what you get, we are too conscious of what to get instead of focusing on what to give but the way love works is totally different, its all about our decisions to make a change and it begins with us first in every way. IMPRESSIVE


    1. It is true that most of us focus on the benefits of the relationship rather than what we can put in, and because of that the outcome is hardly what we expect! Thanks, impressive, hope you see you around soon! 😀


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