You need me!!


Some people don’t want to change, don’t know how to change, don’t need your help to change.  And if they don’t need your help, then maybe they just don’t need you.

Hurts, doesn’t it?  Especially when you absolutely know that you could be that person’s super hero. Especially when deep down inside you know that without you, that person could never be happy.

Or could it be the other way round?

Rejection is a painful phase, but it could also be the beginning of wonderful things..

1. Grieve and let go. Just wake up one day (make it soon) and stop.

2. Accept that it may have not been your fault (except if you were being a stalker or too jealous or doing one of those things that choke a relationship)

3. Accept that you cannot be a super hero all the time.  Some people need to discover themselves and their mistakes alone.

4. Accept the fact that sometimes, even super heroes need their own super hero. Don’t repeat the ugly cycle by rejecting another who may want to make you feel better about your pain.

5. Re-asses your life and try to improve on it.

6. Seek the support of trusted family and friends.

7. Pray. Then pray some more.

8. Remember this: You will survive, even if at this present moment you think you can’t! 🙂





4 thoughts on “You need me!!

  1. Step one is the hardest part of all. Letting go of all that was and accepting what must be takes longer than the other steps combined. Once you stop being a “we” and learn to be “me” again it becomes easier to remember how awesome you were to attract that person in the first place, then everything falls into place. Great checklist though. Been there, and could not agree more with the advice. Nicely done.


    1. Geoff, your comment hits the nail on the head! I especially like the part about transitioning from “we” to “me”…
      In the end, we all are the better for it, as I’m sure you are now! Thanks for stopping by! 😀


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