Rules, rules, & more rules!

12 Marriage RulesAs social beings, we  interact with others, and in the process, form various kinds of relationships.  The nature of relating with each parent is different from that of each sibling, friend or colleague. As these relationships develop, they come with “rules” and “guidelines”.  Of all the relationships, I think marriage has got to be the one with the most rules on the planet, and these rules are dynamic too!

But why are these rules necessary?  I think it’s because  marriages are just permanent, long term friendships, and the difference is that when you fight you can’t walk out on your spouse and sleep in your own apartment!

When you think about it, there are friends with whom we’ve had fights and have never reconciled because you know you’d never have to share a bed with them.  But what if you were married to that person?  Wouldn’t you have tried to make amends or compromise?

The rules will never stop coming, and most of them will hardly ever be remembered. The rule of all rules is to treat people like you want to be treated, which is also a rule that is hardly ever applied!

Sticking to the rules does not guarantee positive results (especially if your partner is a meanie- haha!), but it increases the chances of good Karma, for nothing good under the sun goes without its reward, now or in the future.

What rules have worked out for you in your marriage or dating relationships?

3 thoughts on “Rules, rules, & more rules!

    1. Really? That’s cool. Usually one person goes to bed upset, haha! I see that anything is possible if the two parties agree… Plus I noticed that praying together actually helps too! I’m encouraged! 🙂


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