I’ve been praying for you

prayingMy mom told us about a time when she was quite young and in an all girls secondary (high) school, the nun who taught them frequently advised that they pray for their spouses.

At that time, so young and full of life, without a care in the world and the future so bright before them, they laughed.

“We’re so young” they said.”Why do we have to pray for men we have no idea about?”

Mom told us “, If only we knew, we could have prayed then. I’m telling you, pray now”.

While I don’t think my mom regrets her choice (how could she, after she got us? ;)), I think she felt it was necessary for one to pray for not only the right one, but for things to fall in the right places for him/her, even before your meeting.

To be honest, we laughed too. But as years went by and I began to grow and mature and experience relationships, no one told me to pray!

Sometimes I wake up and I think about him. What’s he doing at this very moment? Is he okay? Did his parent’s treat him okay? What challenge is he going through? Is he thinking about me at this very point in time?

I pray for him. I hope he’s getting stronger everyday. I pray for wisdom and an increase of love in his heart. I pray that he has a good job (haha!) and God protects him from all the crazy stuff life throws at him.

When I’m having a great time, I wonder if he’s having fun too. Does he feel the tug at his heart, the same time I feel the tug in mine? What does he look like? Will I recognize him? Will he recognize me? I get scared sometimes.

And I pray, that one day soon, by the stroke of God’s own timing, he and I will end up together. 🙂


4 thoughts on “I’ve been praying for you

  1. Yes o! Conciously or unconciously i pray 4 her amongst evry well wishers of mine cos sincerely urs i dont know who she is really? But in my innermost heart one thing i seek d face of my maker 4 is 4 her 2 meet me in my “work” n not “job” cos my work is mine n my job i cant vouch for cos ill govt policies might put me out or cause me 2 over labour myself 2 try keeping up with d kadeshians (laffs)! But should she meet me in my work place she could n would complement me better as we avert competitions like seriously.


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