For the Love of Family…

As a kid I thought I had the best, most fantastic, perfect family in the whole world.  That was the most childish thought I can remember having, as soon after a lot of things began to change, and my pearl perfect world faded.

While I realize now that we went through what any typical Nigerian family was going through at that time, regular family issues took its toll on my mind.  I wanted us to be perfect.  That was the only way I could be happy.  And as the years went by, it didn’t happen.  Sometimes I would pray away my own happiness and ‘luck’ in exchange for things to turn around for one sibling or the other, in the hope that if things went perfect for them, it would for me too.

Its 2013, and my family still isn’t perfect, but I wouldn’t have any other family. This is because I’ve come to realize that God made us family for a reason.  We were made to sharpen one another with our weaknesses and strengths.  My love for my family is strong, and that is because it has been tested by fire.  I have grown to accept each one for his or her uniqueness just as they have accepted me for mine.  Together we’ve gone through a lot, but we’re still together and there’s no love lost.

Not. One. Family. Is. Perfect.  Yours isn’t – accept it. But don’t give up on anyone of them.  You were put together for a purpose, and one day you’ll know why.  In the meantime give yourself some peace by accepting, forgiving and loving them, no matter what!

This valentine is also a good time to remember family, I think.

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