Hope is enough!

When we spoke over the phone last night I told you I was “high on happy”.  Sounds like a drug, the way I put it, doesn’t it?I also told you I was excited about Valentine’s day approaching.”Why?” You asked.

“I don’t know” I replied. “I just know that I am”.

I said I would be very disappointed if nothing exciting happened that day – not to me – just witnessing it happening in different ways would be enough satisfaction.”Why?” You asked.”I don’t know” I replied. “I just know that I would”.

It seemed odd to both of us that I didn’t know the answers.

This morning, one word came to mind:Hope.
 I’m excited about Valentine’s day because it’d be one of the very few times I see people express their love for one another – in public.
These days people hardly ever do, you know.I’ve seen and heard so many bad stories, and I’d just like to see or hear a good love story. Or something like it.It doesn’t matter if I don’t get any flowers or gifts or cards or I love you notes.  All I want to know is the proof that real, true, sincere, genuine and selfless love exists in any form, and is not the illusion that you think it is, or that I am becoming to believe.

If God is love, love cannot be an illusion.

It is not the love that we humans have re-created for ourselves, but something pure, mysterious yet perfectly understandable between those who are bonded by it.

I want hope.

If I have hope, faith will come, and with faith, anything is possible!


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