Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

ImageThis is it! The day “we” have all been waiting for 🙂

Let’s have a Toast!

To all those who are truly in love: May your love grow strong like the Cedar tree and keep you forever young in your hearts. Keep your love alive!

To those who are supposed to be in love but are not: May this day illuminate your minds, and brighten the path that will lead to true happiness. When you see the path, run to it!

To those who are yet to find love: May you be given the grace to wait patiently and Imagepeacefully in the fact that everything happens for the good of those who love God. For Good. Remember that, live your life to the fullest and love will find you. Believe!

To the broken-hearted: Time heals all wounds. May you be healed from your past and find solace and courage from your loved ones to move on. The future is bright, do not despair!

Cheers, and have a wonderful Valentine’s day! 🙂



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