Moving on…

Move onI hate it when I see these Top 10 and Top 5 and Top 20 lists from e-magazines on my Twitter time line, but you know what? I still read them, haha!

So I stumbled across this one, and I felt some one might find it helpful.

As a teenager I had the impression that every relationship must lead to marriage.  With time I learned that is not the case as most relationships are meant to teach you.  Of course I could have easily avoided some of them (reading these top-whatever lists a bit sooner might have helped!), but I’d like to think that I left with something that is a part of who I am today.

My friend once pleaded with me to leave a relationship and move on. I wouldn’t .  I wanted to prove a point – no, many points.  One of those was to show that I was resilient, tolerant, and one day he would thank me for hanging on.  Most importantly I wanted to show that I was strong. 

Now that I think about it, maybe I was weak.  Too weak to move on and too afraid of what would happen afterwards.

It took me years to finally understand that moving on is one of the most strongest acts of love you can do for yourself.

These rules are not hard and fast. You don’t need a list. You just need to feel it in your heart, and know it in your gut.

When you make the decision to move on, be prepared to live with the responsibility of what happens afterwards, because life is a risk:  You could be moving on to another relationship that will be no better than the last, but then again, you could also be on the path to true happiness! 😀


7 thoughts on “Moving on…

  1. I think it’s true. I think that people hold on to their past and present because it’s their familiar territory. And leaving it no matter how bitter it is is unfamiliar territory. Thus, we hold on as tight as we can to the past or the present. I am glad you are able admit your weaknesses, because that way you can change it into strength instead.


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