A Sister’s Love

Sisters are a perfect best friendSo over the weekend I was flown over to Abuja – all expenses paid – to attend my first god-daughter’s Christening, and what a treat it was!

Hadiza & I knew each other from school – we were in grade 7 (JSS 1) and didn’t care much for each other, but by the time we met at a family party hosted by my parents, we found out that our mothers were related, and years later, found out that our fathers were too!

We formed a sisterly friendship that stood the test of time: different schools, friends and lifestyles as well as family crises of colorful and heartbreaking proportions.  We changed through it all, but despite time, distance and everything in-between, we have always kept the faith.  I know we’ve both hurt each other sometimes, but it’s been so easy to forgive because of our bond and understanding of each other.

I was Hadiza’s maid of honour a little over a year ago, and I had the double honour of being her baby’s god-mother over the weekend. I was really touched because I knew that it meant that I meant a lot to her.

Apart from my two sisters there are other ladies like Hadiza who have shared a lifetime of history with me, and maybe I will share more stories about them in future.  I’ve realized that a sister’s love is usually so fierce it hurts (my kid sister’s, for example) and can be exasperating, but seriously, I wouldn’t have learned how to love myself from some of them.  I still learn from them every day.  They know themselves: from the mischievous divas and fashionistas to the quiet listeners and strong supporters. I love you girls, from deep down in the heart of me.


6 thoughts on “A Sister’s Love

  1. Dey are lovely people. Though dey tends to be so stubborn, hurting, irritating n talk too much. Dey are one of d most beautiful people in ones life. Dont really av many sisters, but got alot of female friends who are like sisters. Dey are always on my mind. U are one of dem dear….. Keep it up sisters


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