We need a break…

We’ve spent the past 19 days talking about love, phew! It’s amazing how some of you have put up with my daily posts, and have patiently read, liked and commented on the posts.  I love you guys, seriously! Just to encourage you to keep up – we have 8 days to go… hang in there! 😀

So, I think it’s time we took a breather, don’t you?  I love to laugh, and so I’ve put together a little collection of love quotes that made me smile at least. I hope you enjoy it.  Tomorrow we continue our February Valentine Series.

Again, thanks, and keep on loving, no matter what!







2 thoughts on “We need a break…

  1. 😀 I like…now I really need to reconsider my reasons for wanting to get married….i will start searching for who i am ready to annoy for the rest of my life….hahahaha….I also really love the Awkward moment…


  2. Zeal, don’t try it, you probably won’t live very long if you do, haha! 😀 Yes, that awkward moment was really… awkward! Hope whoever does that doesn’t get glass shards into their foreheads – there won’t be much sexiness to attract any more, heehee!
    I’m glad you liked them. Thanks for sticking around!


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