Love and its withdrawal symptoms…

Love can be like a drug – When it goes right you’re so happy that you could jump right over the moon!

But what happens when you don’t get a constant dose or it goes the wrong way?

I liken the effect to the withdrawal symptoms felt after letting go of an addiction of alcohol or drugs, but on a much smaller(?) scale.Β  I’ve felt it before, but I’m interested in if you have had the same experience…

True or not? What’s your take?

love addict

2 thoughts on “Love and its withdrawal symptoms…

  1. I LOVE love. I soak it up like a sponge. It’s really an unhealthy ‘addiction’, but I’m generally a happy person so to have people showing we with attention is a naturally high. When I’m deprived of love (when I really need it) my brain tells me that there’s something missing and I begin to exhibit withdraway symptoms. I’m cranky, moody, anti-social even. It’s crazy. Now I’ve got a grip on things… Love is great when it’s around, but when it’s not I’m still good :).


    1. Right! The key is finding a balance with everything we do so that we are not dependent on it for our general well being. Sometimes we forget and fall off the wagon, but ain’t nothing wrong with getting back on it again!
      Thanks for stopping by Makcit!


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