Beach Diaries I:Sand in my shoes…

I love the beach!

I remember the first time I saw a sea shell.  I was still a kid and my mom traveled to Mexico for a women’s conference.  During her stay there she had the time to go to the beach, and she picked huge seashells which she brought all the way back to Nigeria.  They were smooth and heavy and pretty.  I fell in love with them and could imagine her walking through the sand and carefully selecting which ones to bring back home.  The shells formed part of our interior design and until candles were banned in our household, we oftentimes used them to collect the hot wax that poured down the sticks in the still of the night.

When Dido released her song “Sand in my Shoes” My vivid imagination conjured up pictures of the lyrics and as I sang along I imagined me playing the part… the romantic bit about meeting a stranger and falling in love with him did not make so much effect as the part of having her feet in the sand.  Well I admit, maybe it did, but just a wee little bit! 😀

Aeons Years later I traveled to Cotonou in The Republic of Benin to visit my sister who was running an internship there, and she took me to one of their beaches.  It was a

My first beach Xp

quiet day and not many people were around.  We took pictures, had ice cream and candy and I fulfilled my lifelong dream of writing in the sand!  I saw crabs and after my initial fear of the waves, let the water wash over my feet.  It was a dream come true 😀

When we were leaving I had this puppy-eyed look, and my sister asked what was wrong.  I wanted to pick shells.  She was cool with it, but when I told her I wanted to take some of the beach sand with me she protested.  “What do you want to do with the sand?!?” I told her I wanted a souvenir from the beach and even though she grumbled throughout, we looked for a plastic bag and got some sand and shells into it, which I carefully packed into my box and like my mom, drove all the way back to Nigeria.  It was one of the best moments in my life.

When I got home I took a Jar (maybe twice as big as a jam jar) with a wide lid. I poured the sand into it and placed the shells on it.  I then filled it with water and threw in some plastic fish that were the remains of a charm bracelet I had.  The plastic floated, and if you swished it a bit it would (almost) look like the fish were swimming.  Yes it was lame but I couldn’t be more proud.  When people came visiting at my dorm room they always asked, and I would tell them the story behind my first beach experience.

And that was how my hobby began: collecting sea sand and shells, putting them in jars, and naming the collection The Seas in my Life.

6 thoughts on “Beach Diaries I:Sand in my shoes…

  1. Nice experience!
    I’m not really opportuned to go catch fun at the beach side. I have been there like once or twice but didn’t actually have fun the way I would have loved. Nevertheless work had taken me to carry out survey around the beach, it was fun working around the beach, enjoying the breeze of the sea and appreciating the works of God as the sea waves moved. I also collected seashells which I used to design words of appreciation to my family on a plywood. I hung the plywood design in my room and it reminds me of the beauty of the beach each time I look at it. I look forward to having the chance to go to the beach and catch fun!


    1. For someone who has lived in Lagos for a long time: shame on you! No, I’m just kidding, I’ve met other people who have lived in Lagos for over 20 years and have been to the beach just once! I’m happy you enjoyed yourself the last time you went and I hope you’ll have more opportunity to go and just relax, not just because of an official duty! 🙂


  2. Vivid, as usual……especially the puppy-eyed part! I can just picture it in my mind……and reserve my comments…….:)


  3. I’m a beach lover too. When I still lived in the States, my house was within a 20-min drive of the beach and though I didn’t often go, I always enjoyed the trips I did make down to the shore. That jar you created sounds so special. Do you still have it with you? 🙂


    1. I used to hope that when I moved to Lagos I would be at the beach every available weekend, but that hasn’t been the case. An older sister of mine was shocked when I told her so, and she mentioned that if she were here, she would go every available weekend. I laughed! I had my “mini-beach” for two years until I had to move off campus, when it got lost :(.


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