The Society Of The Performing Arts in Nigeria

Did I tell you I love dance?  It’s one of my “happy stuff”, amongst other stuff.

However dance is more than just “happy stuff”. It is a form of expression, a tool of communication, and an art.  Through SoD I have learned that skills are not enough.  You also need to have passion, dedication and the willingness to invest your time and energy into developing yours skills into an art that can be shared with the world to experience and appreciate. It was also through SoD that I heard about SPAN and came to have a new level of respect for those who take their “social art” seriously.

The Society Of The Performing Arts In Nigeria’ (SPAN) is a registered NGO that  was formed in 2004, aiming to set a world-class standard for performing arts education in Nigeria.   It hopes to combine the rich cultural traditions of Nigeria with world-class training to produce performing art that is not only unique, but unparalleled.  It does this by offering courses, workshops and classes in dance, music, theatre and visual arts.

What I found very inspiring is that it also offers free community services in the arts for other foundations and schools, presenting life-changing messages that will help families, children, and youth re-channel their thinking and help develop skills they can use positively later in life.  is that cool or what?

This weekend, at the Grand ballroom hall, Eko hotel, by 4:00 p.m., SPAN will present its 1st set of 18 graduates from the Academy of Dance and the Academy of Contemporary Music and Jazz.  It promises to be a momentous occasion, not only for the centre and its graduates, but also for those of us who will be there to experience first class Social Art!

If you want more information please Click HERE for a feature article from 550 Concepts and HERE for their official website.

I really hope to do more serious dancing in the nearest future, and work on my abandoned music projects.  Maybe… just maybe, SPAN may be what I need!


9 thoughts on “The Society Of The Performing Arts in Nigeria

  1. Nice. Always wanted to be part of Span. It was my first choice, but they ran most of their classes during the day only. For a working professional, that wasn’t just feasible…


    1. I know, right? I understand. I think it’s been revised though, ’cause I was looking at their schedule and it seems they’ve got evening classes that start from 6:30… still daunting if you add other Lagos-related variables, but if its your calling time and chance will still lead you there… sigh not!


  2. Great place to grow….. I’ve not only become a better and versatile dancer but I know how to manage my Art! God bless SPAN!


  3. This looks fantastic. I’ve danced on and off since I was a child and now that I’m out of school, I really miss dancing and enjoying the community that dance brings. Sounds like SPAN is doing a lot of good work in addition to some seriously good dancing!


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