Give Me Love

I read a post from NaijaBritt88 in which she played a game.  It was sort of weird, but some of the answers corresponded to the questions and that made it funny… I’ve decided I want to play too!

If you want to see how other bloggers played, please click here, here and here.


  • Set your music player to shuffle and answer the following questions.
  • The answers are the titles of the songs that come up in your playlist.


A note of warning here: I only have 65 songs on my phone.  Yeah, yeah, laugh all you want.  My memory card crashed and since then I haven’t had the energy to replace them. The collection I have now is quite random and far apart because I downloaded the songs based on my mood at that moment… so expect the answers to these questions to be very strange. I’ll be shocked to see anything related, lol

With that being said, Leggo!

1. If someone says “Is this okay?”, you say?

In the end – Linkin Park (true that!)

2. What would best describe your personality?

Set fire to the rain – Adele (i.e. Passionate? Probably)

3. What do you like in a guy?

Holy – Jesus Culture (Preach it! haha)

4. How do you feel today?

Brotherhood – John Dreamer (I’m not sure about this one)

5. What’s your life’s purpose?

Lost in the Echo – Linkin Park (Not. True. I ain’t lost! :()

6. What is your motto?

Miracle Maker – Delirious (Not bad)

7. What do your friends think of you?

From the inside – Linkin Park (Yeah, what do you think on the inside guys?)

8. What do you think about very often?

Book of Life – Nathaniel Bassey (I’m still worried about those memory verses, yo)

9. What do you think of your best friend?

Jostified – Mista Seth (This is a song about Jos city, so I’m not sure)

10. What do you think of the person you like?

Powerless – Linkin Park (Please no!)

11. What is your life story?

Turning Tables – Adele (Colorful Tapestry is more like it, Adele!)

12. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Indescribable – Chris Tomlin (hmmm??)

13. What does your dad think of you?

Becoming a Legend – John Dreamer  (Ahh I like this one, LOL)

14. Wedding Dance Song?

Breaking the habit – Linkin Park (What habit??)

15. What do you think when you see the person you like?

Set Fire to the rain – Adele  (Hmnn, this is strange! 😮  Should I shuffle again?)

16. Funeral song?

Impossible – James Arthur (heheheh! ;))

17. Hobby?

Daddy – Emeli Sande (err, hell no!)

18. Biggest Secret?

Some Nights – Fun  (Cawmon, this isn’t fair, lol)

19. What do you think of your friends?

Break every Chain – Jesus Culture (Whoops! You don’t believe that, do you? )

20. Worst thing that could happen?

Madzulu – Deep Forest  (Don’t give me that look, I don’t know what that means, lol!)

21. Does anyone like you?

Enigma – Deep Forest (of course you do, even if you don’t understand me… right? right??)

22. What makes you laugh?

I knew you were trouble – Taylor Swift

23. Go back in time, what would you change?

Deep Forest – Deep Forest (*blank stare*)

24. Why will you get married?

What I’ve done – Linkin Forest

25. What will you name this post?

Give me love – Ed Sheeran  (I can live with this final answer!)


So guys, did you enjoy the game? I did, and I was shocked as well, haha! Actually there were a few Q & As that were related – it was almost like my player was setting me up- that was scary! I think that’s the fun of the game, agreeing or disputing what your music player had to say about you.  I shouldn’t be surprised, really. The music we listen to is a HUGE reflection of our thoughts, aspirations and opinions.  Food for thought, think about it!


12 thoughts on “Give Me Love

      1. Ok…I just played the game…and still having a smiley-frowning face…
        should I give my answers here or make a post?…lol…I think I will do both….:-D


  1. Just gonna give answers and hope it won’t be a bad choices….. My playlist contains both secular n gospel oooo
    1. Not the girl – Darey art alade
    2. Diary – Alicia Keys
    3. Doing just fine – BoyIImen
    4. All the things(your man won’t do) – Joe
    5. He never sleeps – Don Moen
    6. Waging war – Cece Winans
    7. When I think about you – R. Kelly
    8. Believe – Kirk Franklin
    9. Home – don’t know artist
    10. At last – Celine Dion
    11. Love Him like I do – Deitrick Haddon ft marymary & ruben studdard
    12. It is well – Marymary
    13. Dance with my father – Luther Vandross
    14. Broken & Beautiful – Mark Schultz
    15. More than I wanted – Cece Winas
    16. Let’s kiss & say goodbye – Barry White
    17. Seattle – Marymary
    18. If you’ve been delivered – Kirk Franklin
    19. Colour of love – Sade Adu
    20. Believe – Cher
    21. You give good love – Whitney Houston
    22. And I – Mary mary ft Kirk Franklin
    23. Almost doesn’t count – Brandy
    24. Mooving mountains – Usher
    That name – Yolanda Adams
    Some answers fits but some are just off points Lol!!!!! Its funny… Love the game


  2. Lol. Some of your answers were funny. I’ve had my songs wiped off my phone several times. I wrote down all of the artists I like to remember the songs and downloaded them again. At random times, I would remember songs I didn’t have and add them. I have a problem. 🙂


    1. I actually laughed out loud while doing this… thanks for bringing the game up. 🙂 With the number of songs on your playlist I’m not surprised about the wipe-out, but yes a copy of the old songs is a good back up – I should do that next time!


  3. 1. Unconditional Love – Donna Summer and the Musical Youth (Now I don’t know the look I will get with that reply)

    2. If He said it – Jason Pristorios (O……K)

    3. Forever – Wande Coal (maybe in a special girl yes else…ermmm…not sure)

    4. Who the cap fits – Bob Marley (LOL)

    5. War – Bob Marley (Now this is a set up…)

    6. The way you make me feel – Micheal Jackson (Sometimes….yeah)

    7. Galilee – Josh (.)

    8. Rat Race – Bob Marley (LOL…now I feel like deleting this playlist)

    9. Hold me – Jamie Grace (Kinda true…so won’t delete it again)

    10. Molowo noni – Samklef ( duh!!!)

    11. How great though art – Alan Jackson (Bullseye!!)

    12. Sondela – Ringo Madlingozi (Sondela in Zulu means “come closer” ..who do i wanna come closer to??)

    13. Close to you – Maxi Priest (hehehehe…thanks Dad)

    14. Stranded – Lutricia McNeal (Can you imagine !!!)

    15. Molowo noni – Samklef (.)

    16. Ayir – M.O.G (Ayir in Tarok means “fear”…Deja vu)

    17. When I was your man – Bruno Mars (??? whatever!!!)

    18. Fix you – Cold play (hehehehe)

    19. Wanna be close – Avant (True)

    20. Jesus Take the wheel – Carrie Underwood (How wrong can this playlist get??? )

    21. Nonyana – Soweto Gospel Choir (.)

    22. How About us – Champaign (LOL)

    23. Time goes by – Spice girls (yeah yeah 😀 )

    24. Unconditional Love – Donna Summer & the Muscial youth (LOL…talk about senseless answers)

    25. Breath – Toni Braxton (Yes, I think I need that breath now 🙂 )

    So there you have it Blu….


    1. Yay, see? It was fun, wasn’t it? So now that you’ve posted it here, maybe you can post it on your blog too, so your friends can have a go at it.
      Thanks for playing along, good sport, lol! 😀


  4. hmmm i played the game but decided not to post it on my blog. I deleted all the secular songs on my phone so what you’ll see are christian songs. I’ll just share the answers i thought made sense. Here goes:

    What do u like in a guy? Come and make my heart your home- Women of faith (Yup me likes when my man makes my heart his home! ;))

    What is your life story? Centre of your love -Jaci Valesquez (It’s true… love is what keeps me alive)

    Wedding dance song? You are everything -Matthew West (LOL ours was actually Stay with you by John Legend, but i don’t mind this!)


    1. Awww! It’s okay that you don’t have any secular music, it seems some of them still related to the questions… what was better was that you agreed with the answers so there! 😀
      Thanks for playing along, Gotta think of more “bloggy” games to keep you guys, coming, haha! 😉


  5. 1.overkilling it.-Djinne
    2.beautiful monster-neyo
    3.whatcha say-jason durello
    4.wassap wassap-ice prince (feeling quite happy though)
    5.e must to be-da prince (yes o!)
    6.everyday-phil collins
    7.see beneath you’re beautiful-labrinth
    8.wot goes around comes around-justin timberlake (tru)
    9.zuciya daya-bez
    10.da finest-knighthouse and sauce kid (yaaaaaay!)
    11.set fire to the rain-adele (if the rain’s my past,then burn it…)
    12.wild wild west-MI
    13.darlin’-stanley iyke,tiwa savage
    14.tonight-john legend
    15.somebody wants to die-MI
    16.Say aah-trey songz
    17.choc boys-MI
    18.come fly with me-micheal buble
    19.beautiful monster-neyo (again)
    20.teach u a lesson-robin thicke (lol)
    21.rolling in the deep-adele
    22.jaiye jaiye-wizkid
    23.i can transform u-chris brown


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