“Imposible is Stupid” by Osayi Osar-Emokpae: A Book Review

Not too long ago I purchased a copy of a book which I found pretty intriguing mainly because of its title more than anything else.  I was drawn to the title because it was something I needed to tell myself everyday.  It wasn’t new to me that I had limited myself because of the way I thought: “You can’t do this, what would they think?”,  “That was silly, why did you say it?”, “Why can’t you be like this?”, “If only I was better”, stuff like that.  Some thoughts more… dramatic. It took me a very long time to realize that the way I thought affected not only my actions, but my ability to fulfill my potential, love myself and become the better person that I actually wanted to be. I overcame challenges in the past not because of my optimistic outlook or that I believed in myself.  It was because I had no other choice but to overcome, and I had a very strong support system.

So you can understand why the book aroused some curiosity.  I had already started working on my thoughts by being a positive minded person and needed to know why the author thought impossible is stupid.  This post is a brief review of what I found. 🙂

The book contains 133 pages and 57 chapters, the first chapter being #57, counting down to #1. A chapter is no more than 2 pages, which makes it a very fast read, if you are that kind of reader (I actually didn’t notice when I finished it!).  Each chapter is titled to give insight into what you’re about to read, but when you get to #42 when she says “Don’t get married” or #8 that says “Freely make mistakes“, you begin to wonder if you bought the right book, haha! Also the chapters aren’t interconnected, so you can feel free to read random chapters (or from the back to the front) which is what I started doing after the first read.

Osayi’s writing style is very straight forward and not filled with ambiguous words.  She talks like she is sitting across a table, having a cup of warm coffee with you on a very cold day. She’s also down to earth, and gives off the aura of one who would look you in the eye while talking.

And what does she talk about?

“It’s time, we’re waiting for you.  We’re tired of your excuses, your complaining, your everything else.  We need you now more than we have ever needed you before, so it’s time to use your boredom wisely… life is indeed meant to be fun, but if you fill every waking moment with something to amuse you, then you will never accomplish anything worthwhile – which makes me concerned for you, because after all, if you were not meant for something worthwhile, then why exactly are you here?”

#56, Embrace Boredom

“…it’s also very important what you say to and about yourself.  If you keep telling yourself that you’ll never succeed, then guess what?  You never will… The words you use on  your children, or your family members are incredibly powerful and can make or break those relationships, but the words you use on yourself is the most disastrous of them all.”

#22, Stop Cussin’ Yourself.

It’s a book for both married and single people – people who feel stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get up and get going.  It’s a book that uses simple stories, a few cartoons and quotes to help you appreciate God, yourself and those around you.  The book encourages you to live your life and fulfill your purpose on earth instead of waiting for life to happen to you.

To be honest it may not tell you what you don’t already know – because deep down you know the truth – but the depth is in the delivery, and if you can read in between the lines, you’ll see what I mean.  You may also disagree with a few nuggets, but then again, that is what alive is being all about – waking your senses up and having the ability to think for yourself and not just swallowing everything that is being shoved down your throat! 😀

My personal experience with this book can’t be written here because there is a story connected to almost every chapter.  The other day my friend and I read a couple of chapters to each other and I enjoyed the conversation we had from it.  I’m looking forward to more of those!  🙂

In case you need a (very affordable) copy to share with a friend as well, please contact Osayi (who I feel like I’ve met already from her warm chats and emails) through her website iyasostuff.com or on twitter on @iyasostuf.  Hard and soft copies are all available.

Like I always say, the Journey is never complete, but at least I have my blog to keep me sane, and a book to read along the way!

For with God, nothing shall be impossible – Luke 1:37


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