On the issue of Cheating…

Some of us have been cheated on: its not a great feeling.

Some of us have cheated: I’m sure it’s an even worse feeling – that’s if you have any conscience at all, haha… Ahem, just kidding *straight face*.

Some of us have been cheated on and have cheated, so we can’t really be judgmental in this matter, can we? Can we?

Don’t take this post too seriously, The title was just to throw you off (Got ya, didn’t I?) 😀 . I’d love to share a video with you though, which absolutely left me in stitches!! It doesn’t matter if you’re on either side of the line, I’m sure it’ll make you laugh too.

It’s done by one of my favorite YouTube vloggers called sWooZie.  His videos make me laugh but they also leave off subtle hints of life’s lessons gained from his experiences.  Check this and other videos out if you please, and remember: No cheating!! lol


If you are unable to watch the video on his post from your phones please click HERE.


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