Happy Holidays!

Hayoo Everyone!

How’ve you been?  Missed me? I missed you more!  As always, there’s a lot of drama that’s been going on and I’m so sorry I’ve not been here to tell you all about it.  When I got back from my vacation I realized that some changes were made to my office space.  Yeah it looked really cool but I think my mind had a hard time accepting the new space.  I spent quite a while staring into space and not being very productive, haha.  I also didn’t have access to a computer for a while, and when I did, it was not my old CPU and Monitor, it was a laptop! *crying*  I know it seems like I’m being old school and all, but really I had bonded with that PC! Plus the software was up-to-date…. this laptop still has old features in it, ugh!  So there I am, with a lot less space than I was used to, a new corner, new machine, and no mental motivation.  arrrrrrgh!

My new corner of the world... Not enough brain frequency in that corner, lol
My new corner of the world… Not enough brain frequency in that corner, lol

Christmas day was the day before yesterday… It was as nice as any other Christmas day would be.  There was lots of cooking, hosting and eating.  At a point in time I ran off and took a one-hour snooze, haha!  I was that tired, but I think it was because the night before we went to watch a late night movie with friends and after getting home late, had to wake up really early to attend Christmas Mass.


The Grinch tried to ruin my holiday by sticking  tiny needle in my behind and I started getting all those feelings and thoughts which come when you’re a wee bit lonesome and feeling under-achieved.  I tried to fight back by spending some time with my friend on a quiet beach on boxing day and it was the best thing I did! It was a deserted space between two busy and overcrowded beaches, and save for the waves it was a quiet and relaxing place to walk and not over-think.  We did get drawn to one of the beaches by a couple of friends and that was also an enlightening experience.

The Beach
The Beach
Water washed feet
Water washed feet
At Sunset
At Sunset

I’m back in the office, and looking forward to the weekend already.  I hope you’re enjoying your holidays?

Tafa, I and Gbenga


I’m still coming up with how my Jos vacation went, so keep your eyes peeled!

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