Jos Dairies I / Song Review: “Acoustic Hope” by Sekyen

The very night I arrived Jos for my vacation, a very good friend of mine: D, called to say there was going to be a music event taking place not too far off the next day. In Jos everywhere is not-too-far-off – it’s that accessible, haha.

I may or may not have mentioned this, but for several years (seven, actually) I and a couple of friends planned and hosted live music concerts in Jos.  Relocating to Lagos put an end to that era and I’ve been very slow in re-entering the industry, but I digress – this isn’t about me.

Happily accepting the invitation, we took off.  It was a totally awesome time because I met a good number of my friends in the music industry (who are all Jos-based celebrities in their own right as musicians).  One of them is Sekyen.

That's us, at the concert
That’s us, at the concert

We attended the same secondary (high) school where all students were trained to sing as one huge mass choir.  We then ended up in the same Uni, but had become friends much sooner than that. We both discovered our mutual love for music and guitars; I remember us singing together a few times in our tiny university rooms.  Now, I’m proud to say that Sekyen’s soulful and powerful voice has gone beyond those rooms to the studio, has graced several stages and how is being shared with the whole world!

Her single “Acoustic Hope” uses her favourite guitar strings to present a simple but powerful message: THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU.  She fine-tunes our popularly used Pidgin English to communicate her song to all classes of people.

Make you no worry, e go better… Take am easy… life na jeje… Make you smile… dance… laugh… everybody has a story… e go better…


The beauty of the song lies in its soulful melody,  and its convincing nature.  Listening to her you can’t help but believe in her message: things will get better!

As 2013 ends tonight, I speak to myself and everyone out there: Things may not have turned out the way you wanted them to, but don’t forget that you are much better than you were a year ago.  As long as you have life and good health, keep your focus and drive and it will get better! Your time will come soon… It is here… have hope!

To listen and download Sekyen’s Acoustic Hope, click HERE:

Happy New Year!!


4 thoughts on “Jos Dairies I / Song Review: “Acoustic Hope” by Sekyen

  1. Wow. Wat a way to enter into d new year than to nourish oneself wit positive knowledge n admonishing.Sekyen,ur soul inspires me n I pray that as u’ve blessed us with a part of U,so will ur story continue to speak forth life and ur boundaries knowing no end


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