Before You Go Natural…

Ask yourself why you really want to do it.  Why ditch the foreign look of the Americans, Asians, Europeans and Brazillians we fought for so long to achieve for the basic look your hair has to offer?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I am of the opinion that a large majority of women (in these parts) are going natural because they see it as part of a trend and not as a means of embracing their individuality as a person.

Women stopped relaxing their hair mostly because of the discovery that it was doing their hair more harm than good. While growing their hair in its natural state, they also began to discover that each had a head of hair that was unique to the individual – oftentimes the result of ancestry diversity – and as a result, that head of hair became a sense of identity.

 When you see a woman sporting her natural, she is not only an advocate of “perm-less” hair, but she is an ambassador of her lineage and is proudly showing her unique identity as a woman of color. 

I remember a few times when friends would take a break from relaxing their hair in order to “treat” it.  They would do this by putting their hair in corn rows or weaves, applying all sorts of oils and therapies to restore it to its healthy state.   Others would simply cut it to save themselves the trouble and start all over again.  So When the natural hair wave hit town, everyone was scissor-happy, chopping their locks off and talking about how cool it was to do the right thing by their hair.

Now I have absolutely NOTHING against going natural, in fact I have had my own fair share of it.  What I want is for us to understand that it is not a fashion trend that should be copied, it is a healthy way of life – a movement – that should be used to show the world your inner beauty and your unique blueprint.  Stop trying to copy somebody’s natural look – go find your own!

Also, If we as Nigerians or Africans really wanted to go natural, we should be thinking of a more creative way of wearing our cornrows and threads.  Yes!  Lets think of how to make side-matting, twists, and threading more stylish, more fashionable!  For me, that’s the real natural (Nigerian) hair.

Rock those locks girl, lol!

Okay, okay! Cool ya tempa!  All I’m saying is this: Go au naturale because you want to, not because you want to look just like the girl next door.  Besides, it is a journey for the brave, don’t be fooled by the end results.  And when you decide to, make sure to create a style and look that is unique to your person.

If you decide you want to keep a perm in your hair, please don’t feel like a murderer, haha!  Your relaxed hair can remain healthy  if you follow the same regimen that our natural sisters do – and then some.

Stop following trends and dare to be different!

Just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Before You Go Natural…

  1. “Stop following trends and dare to be different!” –> Preach it, sister! Haha just kidding but I fully applaud your “be yourself and no one else” spirit and it’s also something I feel strongly about. I’ve always thought the natural hair issue was such a fascinating ongoing debate and relates to the bigger issue of women feeling pressured to look/be a certain way in order to be accepted. Like you said though, in the end it should be about expressing yourself and your values instead of following the crowd. 🙂


    1. Haha Lillian! Thank you so much for your solid support – with the correct phrase and all, haha! I’ve never been one to follow fads, I mean there are some that I do admire but the fact that everyone is doing it makes it seem less special. Not too long ago, if you didn’t have those human hair weaves on your head you were tagged “old-fashioned”. Now that Natural is in, those with the weaves are tagged “artificial”. Sigh!


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