Jos Dairies II: The Wedding

My childhood friend, N, had her wedding while I was in Jos.  In fact, my vacation was deliberately set around that time because I had earned the delightful role of maid-of-honor 🙂 .   I had missed so many important weddings, deliveries and birthdays during the year so this was a huge consolation for me.

N had a simple send-forth ceremony:  there was evening mass by 4 pm and light refreshments afterwards.  The following day was the traditional ceremony held at the bride’s residence.  In Nigeria this is the most important ceremony of the of the wedding process (or court, depending on the priorities and/or values of the couple) There was lots of food, drinks and dancing (N’s family do love to dance, phew!).  Friday was left free for us to make final preparations, while Saturday was the wedding day itself.

Now it sounds like a breeze, but it was no small feat.  Preparing for all the events for the week was quite tiring – mentally and physically – and I wasn’t even the one getting married!  In Nigeria, there is no small wedding.  No matter how simple you want to make it, there is always some form of stress involved.  This is mostly because most couples plan their wedding themselves, with the help of friends or relatives.  It’s not their fault either – wedding planners cost an arm and a leg if you want to employ their services. Even if I could afford one of those posh event planners I would never really feel at ease, and would probably hound the planner until the D-day itself!  N is very much like me, and I as much as I tried to pacify her during the stressful moments of trying to manage one affair or the other, I could totally see myself doing probably worse than her.  Suffice it to say, the wedding went well and we had an awesome time.  I did however, end up with a very swollen left foot which took almost 2 weeks to heal.  Despite my pain, it was worth it! 😀

Weddings and marriage ceremonies are great opportunities to call on family and friends to celebrate your love, but like what I learned from “Baggage Claim” (a movie I watched last night), the magic is not in getting married, its in staying married.  In this world of ours today where commitments and promises are paper-thin, it’s a quote well worth remembering.  I wish my friend every happiness her heart desires, and God’s grace every step of the way!

I’ve got pictures of the wedding events for you to enjoy.  There you go:

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2 thoughts on “Jos Dairies II: The Wedding

  1. Love all those photographs! Everyone looks so gorgeous and happy. But of course, not more gorgeous or happier than the bride. 😉 I think it must be so much fun (albeit stressful) to help a friend with her wedding and I’m looking forward to the day that I can do the same for my best friends. 🙂


    1. Yes it was stressful fun going up and about, which is why you should do it with people who you can relate to and are comfortable with. I am sure that you will have lots of fun when the time comes, then you can take great pictures, like you always do! 🙂 (Thanks for the compliment too, coming from you it means alot!)


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