These are a few of my favourite…

I love pictures.  Not of myself though.  I don’t think I’m a pretty picture person  (I have my moments though! 😉 ) .  I could be staring at a picture in which I didn’t look good, annoyed that I didn’t look good enough, but once the call for another shot came up I’d be running to go and take my place.  I’m forgetful like that.

I love photography.  It captures events that bring back fond memories.  It brings to our attention things that we may have otherwise overlooked.  It helps us appreciate the beauty and creativity of a power greater than who we are.  Sometimes I see a sunset, stars at night, clouds on a sunny day or a mountain peak and it just takes my breath away; I’d wish my eyes had an in-built camera.  If you are a lover of art, you’ll understand what I’m talking about. 🙂

I take pictures with my Blackberry Q5.  I’ve not been privileged to own a camera yet (and I can’t wait to own one) but for now, this suits me just fine.  Yes it does have some camera quality issues (like how the flash doesn’t work so well at night) but boy, does it take some awesome pictures! With the massive help of filters and photo edits, there are many ways to make a picture look ‘professional’, haha!   I’d like to share a couple of my favourite pictures with you, if you don’t mind?

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