Fools love to laugh

My most memorable April Fool’s day was when I was 9 or 10.  We were being carpooled – my sister and a couple of other kids – to school.  We would stick our heads out the window and shout at a driver: “You have a flat tire!”, Your back door isn’t shut!” or some other nonsense like that.  When we were sure we had the driver’s attention we would scream APRIL FOOL and roll about in the car, laughing hilariously over our prank.  I certainly would not have found that funny now that I think about it as an adult, but hey we were kids, and all we wanted was to have a good laugh :).

Since the arrival of the digital age, most people have switched from practical to virtual pranks or jokes.  Most of them haven’t been very funny and understandably so because you could find out that 5 people would be trying to pull off a prank which you fell for maybe 5 minutes ago and by then would have lost its taste. *eyesrolling*

I woke up this morning with warnings from people not to send them Happy New Month broadcasts (which is an annoying culture created by Nigerians for Nigerians) or April Fool pranks/jokes.  I do understand that the HNM BC thing can be quite overwhelming (especially if you have more than 5 BC-happy contacts on your list), but it was sad to observe that not only did people not send the HNM BCs, they also did not bother with the April Fool’s jokes, save for one or two people.  One was actually annoying but since it was the first I let it go.  The other was a joke I found funny but I laughed really hard – maybe because it was the only joke I got today, haha!

Others would think a sense of responsibility and maturity has overtaken the Nigerian BBM population, but I don’t think so.  I feel a part of our innocence – or desire for it – has been lost.  In the light of all that goes on around us: wars, poverty, unemployment – you name it – there should still be a time to laugh and let go.  And for someone like me who loves to laugh I found it quite annoying that people encouraged others not to be themselves and fool around, if only for a single day!

On another note, I’ve been sharing movies with a friend of mine, some of which I found quite funny.  He hardly laughed though it all, and I was deflated at the end.  I began to wonder if I actually laughed because I found it funny, or because I know exactly where to laugh?

Oh well, whatever!

 Happy(?) April Fool’s Day!


This post is in memory of Daniel and Sophia Lohor, two siblings who I mentioned in the post, who passed away in the prime of their lives.  Rare but vivid memories of you remain in my heart. Rest in peace!

2 thoughts on “Fools love to laugh

  1. Awwww…. Sweet memories sis. I remember that day like it was yesterday. Fun all the way to School and back. We didn’t care if it was late to say “April Fool” or not. Lol… RIP Sophia and Danny, we had so much fun going to skol together. #YOLO #LiveLoveLaugh


    1. You remember too, haha! We were quite a naughty bunch, all of us kids put together. I wonder if they would’ve remembered that day too, if they were here. But that’s life: It goes on, and no matter how deary things may seem, we must always look for a reason to smile – or better still, laugh! 😀


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