She is shy

Never one to catch your eye.

But when she wears her mask

and sets about her task –

The stage, the lights, the cameras give her an energy

The music seductively sets her free

And she dances tales of her fantasies

Tales only a shy girl can dream

and dare to share on a stage in a nightclub called Extreme.



3 thoughts on “Burlesque.

  1. Love the images, to critique, (nicely though) there are two things that threw me off, 1) the meter between line 5 and 6 and also 8 and 9 didn’t seem to flow, 2) the last the rhyme seems a bit forced…otherwise I really like poem.


    1. Yes I did notice that as well! 😀 . I’m a stickler for rhymes, rhythms and meters, but I felt insisting on it may not get me through the month!
      Thanks on your critique though, I really do appreciate it and I do hope I’ll improve s the days go by. Please keep the comments coming!


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