Cupcakes, anyone?

I grew up in a house where we loved to cook and bake.  My mom is a caterer and taught Home Economics, so we always had something tasty in the house to nibble on :).  Cakes, cookies,  bread and all sorts of pastries were made in my home. Even the boys had to learn! I took a special interest and soon began taking orders for birthday and wedding cakes.  When I was in the university, the money I made from cake orders kept me afloat – thanks to my mom who also helped to bake when I didn’t have the time to.    She also had a coffee shop where we sold doughnuts, cookies, buns, and we even served chips and sharwarma.  We later on learned how to make spring rolls, and that became a special savoury dish which my mom would make for her friends during occasions (they totally loved it).

Since I came to Lagos, I can count how many times I’ve baked – on one hand 😦 .  It’s a total shame and I feel like a part of me is lost.  It’s not just the time –  I didn’t have any equipment or baking utensils until a month or so ago.

A yard sale to raise funds for our SOD show “FIRE” was coming up and I decided I might just bake towards the event.  So off I went to the Palms Mall in Lekki, and guess what I found?  A Kenwood mixer which was on sale at half the price! Whoop whoop!  I also got cupcake pans, measuring cups and a timer.

My Kenwood Mixer

I had to bake the cakes late at night after work but despite the fatigue I was going through, I felt alive! Because I hadn’t baked in a while, I was nervous but I tried to use the basic recipe I could remember.

I mixed 200 grams butter and sugar each in the bowl until it became light and fluffy.  The Kenwood was quite noisy if I may say so, but at that time I was too excited to be bothered about it, haha!

While that was mixing, I lined the cupcake pans with paper cups and started pre-heating the oven.

Butter and Sugar Mix

After that I broke 4 eggs into the mix and when that was done mixed in, I took out the beaters and put in 600 grams of flour, 2 level teaspoons of baking soda and some cinnamon (I love cinnamon!).  I used a wooden spoon to fold all of that in…

The mixture felt a little too dry, so I added some milk and vanilla flavour :D.  I then spooned a tablespoon and some into the paper cups, and popped them into the oven for 20 minutes.  I used my new timer to keep me alert – which was a good idea because I was quite tired, phew! Mind you the noise the timer gave was only a slight “ding!” and not as loud as I wanted it to (the manual alarm clock, maybe?).

IMG_20140426_113337 IMG_20140426_113330

Two batches later and this was the result:



I used a toothpick to make sure they were done through (if the pick comes out clean, its cooked)…

… The next day, I got to the venue of the yard sale with a piping bag of frosting and tried to top it up before sales.   This was the end result:



I didn’t really like how I piped the frosting on the top but I think it was a combination of nerves/rusty hands and the thickness of the frosting.  At least it sold at the yard sale and that’s what matters – people enjoyed it!

If you know me you’ll discover I like to improve upon myself as best as I can, so I’ll be trying out more recipes with my noisy mixer, lol!  Have you got any tried and tested recipes I can work with within my limited time?


I apologize for the poor picture quality, but I still love my Q5 :D.


6 thoughts on “Cupcakes, anyone?

  1. Yay! They look really good. Don’t worry with the mixer now available I’m sure u’ll find urself doing a lot of snacks for the house n work. He he he thumbs up!!!


    1. Thanks, Kemen! I made some oatmeal cookies too but my friends called them akara cause they came out so fat, so I didn’t upload the pictures, lol! They were chewy and nice though.
      I’m sure WE will have fun baking for the house, haha!


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