Spirit of David’s “Fire!”

We had our dance show a week ago, which was basically the main reason why except for work, I hardly had time for anything else.  If you have planned any sort of event or you are rehearsing for a performance you will understand what I mean.  If its something that you enjoy doing there will be lots of fun in the planning, but there will also be a lot of pressure involved.  I cannot go into the details of all that took place but I can say that it was tasking in every sense of the word.  Everyone put hands and heads together to either raise funds, plan and script the event, build props, design and create costumes, learn routines, pray, and many other things. People literally put in sweat, blood and tears to make the event work, and it paid off because it was a SUCCESS! People have termed it the best show in Nigeria in a very long time!  😀 . Of course there will always be room for improvement and we will keep working on it.  I especially was challenged to improve on my dancing, and I spent extra hours trying to remember routines and condition my body.  Not easy, haha!  But it paid off I think.  I will definitely take personal dance classes in the nearest future.

Thanks to all those who bought tickets from me, encouraged me every weekday, saturday and sunday when I went for rehearsals, comforted me when I had bruises and cried from being imperfect, checked on me to make sure I got home safe from my late trips, and even prayed with me… I love you!

Without much ado, here are a few pictures to show you a fraction of what went on that night.  Most of the pictures are courtesy of Modamo.  You should check out his site… very talented man!   I will also list the titles of the songs we used to perform at the bottom of this post so you can download and listen to them. Yes, you’re welcome!

For more information on what SoD and FIRE is about, please visit http://www.3dancingmen.com or D2BDTV on YouTube.  DVD’s for the event will soon be released so if you need a copy email me on blueheartz@gmail.com.  Cheers!

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  1. Jesus is for Everybody – Da’T.R.U.T.H
  2. Worthy  – Bethel Music
  3. Lucky Ones – Lecrae ft. Rudy Currence
  4. Hope for the Hopeless – Satellite
  5. Love like Fire – Hillsong LIVE (from the album “A beautiful exchange|).
  6. King of the Comebacks – Audio Adrenaline
  7. Skin is Burning – Burlap to Chashmere
  8. Ibuchimo –
  9. Oceans   – EP by Hillsong UNITED
  10. Sinking Deep – Hillsong Young and Free

4 thoughts on “Spirit of David’s “Fire!”

  1. Ok I need a copy like now already. Lol… I am glad you are doing what you love. Gradually, u seem to be accomplishing what’s on your “bucket list” (dats if you have any. Guess I’ve written one for u in my head) hahaha. More grease to your elbows dear…


    1. I thought of you when I mentioned the DVD, cause this is one show I KNOW you would have loved to be there for…. there was the screams and shouts and ovations that we love to be a part of…. I hope you will feel the energy when you watch it…
      You know what, you seem to be reading my mind because that is exactly what my next post is going to be about – my bucket list!!! I think you know me pretty well because this was one of them. Thanks for all your support 😀


  2. I had no idea you were a dancer, bravo! As a fellow dancer myself, I can definitely understand the stress and excitement leading up to a big show. Judging from the pictures and this post though, it seems like it was a HUGE success so congratulations! What kind of dance was it? Looks like some contemporary mixed in with some traditional? Although I’m just purely guessing from the pictures and my own judgment. 😉


    1. Yes, I am, even though I’m just a 3 year old baby, haha! Yes most of our dances were contemporary but we had infusions of hiphop, jive and an entire salsa routine 🙂 As Nigerians we also had to have that traditional number, and in it we dressed in as many cultures as possible :). All routines were choreographed by our members who are some of Nigeria’s finest. Thank you Lillian and I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures!


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