These are a few of of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes/Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes/Brown paper packages tied up with strings/These are a few of my favourite things….

– A Few of my favourite things, Sound of Music.

I’m quite upset at the moment.  In fact I have been upset since Monday last week. Except for the weekend which was gloriously peaceful, I’ve had a very rough 6 days, no thanks to the heavy construction and traffic taking place around my axis and made worse by the daily rainfall.  Over the years I have repressed my feelings concerning Lagos traffic because like we all know, it’s never going anywhere.  I have repressed it to a point where I cannot describe how I feel about it anymore.  All I can do is grind my teeth, give the occasional sigh and wipe my brow.  Add  this early morning wahala*  to office wahala and other personal issues (man wahala included) and yeah, I’ve been having a swell time.


So, just for the happy thought of it, I’m going to list a few things that give me joy. Maybe I can stop feeling so blue.

1. French Toast.

picture courtesy of

Honestly I love french toast.  I’m not a fan of bread but I can certainly eat many many slices of this kind!  I usually eat it as is, but I’ve just realized I can have toppings such as fruit, honey or cream on it!  🙂

2. The Beach


I absolutely love the beach!  There is this feeling of freedom I get when I am there. No matter how moody I am when I get there, I always leave inspired and motivated.  How does that happen? I don’t know. Maybe it’s the clean air or the sound of the waves or the sand beneath my feet.  But whatever it is,  it works… Nature’s cure, I guess!

p.s. I should add getting a beach house to my bucket list.

3. My Bare Feet

Tired from a wedding
Tired from a wedding

I’m currently typing this post with my feet bare :D.  It’s a little difficult when I have to get up in a hurry and wear my shoes to help someone but whenever I have the chance – in a vehicle, restaurant, at an event, THE BEACH – I will be taking those kicks off.  The next best thing to wearing no shoes is wearing socks!  But I change temperatures really quick so you may find me putting socks on and taking them off at home every few minutes!

4. Driving at Night


No I do not own a car. No I can’t drive, but boy, do I love those night rides!  I would ask my friends to drive real slow, if they could.  My friend once knew how much I loved this that he would drive me long distances and back without a word but just music (he did that the last time I was in Jos too :)).  So I figure its something I’d love to do every now and then! Lagos Island and Ikeja look good at night.

5. Dancing

I’m not a professional dancer, I’m just someone who loves to dance!  Gone are the days when I would jump on my bed, screaming alongside some favourite artiste of mine, and these are the times when dancing means sore knees and ankles, but deep down inside, its something that makes me happy.  Don’t you just love the look on that dog’s face?  That brings me to my next favourite thing…

6. Dogs & Cats.. and many other animals

But mainly dogs and cats.  I’ve lived with a wide array of animals and even had a pet chicken called Hilda, so believe me when I say I can keep almost any animal as a pet – except for creepy or slimy, like snakes… ew, no.  Dogs are very loyal. Cats are very independent.  These are two strong traits I can identify with!  Besides that, some of these pets have distinct personalities and they make life more exciting for some of us and yes, they are hugable too…



I love hugs. Seriously. I grew up in a tight-knit family and we would hug ourselves often times during the day.  My eldest brother gives the tightest hugs ever they hurt, but we never minded.  I actually miss them now.  Hugs in Lagos aren’t as heartfelt as those in Jos, but maybe I’m just homesick :(.

If I thought hard enough, I’m sure I’d think of more than this, but coming up with this post while at work (pssttt!) was what I needed, cause it really did make me feel better!  It’s close shop time now, and I really, really hope tomorrow has a little less stress!


Nigeria goes against France in half an hour… here’s wishing you the very best!!

*Wahala = Stress, trouble.


8 thoughts on “These are a few of of my favorite things

  1. phew!!!! and i have spent the last 3 weeks worrying on my “to-do-list” for when you come…well as it is now…I don’t need to break one more sweat…all covered…you think the night view at Ikeja and Island is breathtaking? wait till I take you on a ride round CT at night…I promise you you will go into a trance 🙂 ..Hugs?? ok…I won’t say more 😉 actually all your “few favorites things” mentioned here…an yi an gama…*excited*

    I love the post….I can relate from where they come from


  2. i love that ure favorite things are real things not material things. if only i can be like u……..i love the beach toooo …kisses and hugs


    1. Aww thanks Koko! Yes the beach is certainly something we have in common!! If we looked hard enough I’m sure we’ll find some “real” things you loved as well – your photography for one!! xox 🙂


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