Life, death & things worth living for: Robin Williams

Where shall I start from?  There is a lot to talk about.  Maybe I shall talk about them in one long and hopefully-not-too-boring post, or I shall break it down in a few short posts.  As someone who procrastinates simply because she over-thinks and over-analyzes things, I shall dive straight into it and lets see where it shall take us!

Robin Williams dies at age 63

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I was really sad to hear that Robin Williams passed away.  I am a fan of his and always enjoyed his movies. As some critics said, he did have a childlike charm and the things I loved most about him were his eyes and his smile; they were infectious!  I will always remember him for that.  He was naturally funny and made lots of quotes which I’m sure we will be using more often in the nearest future.  A legend indeed!  What saddens me about his passing is the suspected suicide part.  How could someone so happy end up so sad?  This is not the first time it is happening and we really need to start talking about it.  Who made him laugh when he needed to, what was his anchor, what gave him hope?  It seems that we are so dependent on some people making us happy that we seem to forget that they need some love, care and happiness too.  We need to start caring about the caregivers!

Another thought that came to mind was my opinion that once you answer your calling in life, happiness – at least to a great extent – is being achieved.  But the death of Robin and so many other celebrities and popular figures shows that this is not entirely true.  I discussed this on my SOD online platform and we agreed that your calling must be grounded in God, through Jesus Christ.  So many people are lost because they don’t know their calling.  Others are lucky to know and respond to it.  They may succeed in fulfilling it, they may be happy for a while but there can be no true joy at the end of the day.  The question then arose: What is the difference between Joy and Happiness? This is was Pastor Segun had to say:

Happiness is based on a reason.  It reflects a situation or circumstance.  Its temporary existence – though potent to bless – needs to be fueled (by someone? something?) to be maintained…

 Joy however is a state.  It’s a person.  It needs no favourable condition, situation or circumstance.  It is Strength. It believes.  Its deep and manifests itself in unspeakable manners.  It is a mystery that God understands…

 Happiness… celebrates an event, it dances, but for a season.  When joy is absent, the season of happiness reduces and the need for a “fix” increases..

This makes a lot of sense to me.  A lot of us are trying to be happy but what happens when the source of that happiness is removed?  We need to look for a deeper meaning to life and base our calling on that source, hold on to it and seek joy from it.  That is where peace comes from too, I think.  True joy that is deep and unwavering.

Finally, there are many people who are suffering from depression and doing nothing about it!  To be honest I did think Robin was a sad man,  I saw it in his eyes.  But he was so focused on making people happy – he masked his own unhappiness and believed that if the people around him were happy, so would he.  That is a trap many of us (myself included) are falling into. Depression is real!  Please when you feel your moods are getting the best of you, your relationships or activities, PLEASE SPEAK UP!  look for a support group online or in your community, find a trusted friend or seek out family to help you.  This life can be cruel to both the rich and the poor and what gets us through it is the love, care and support that we can get.  I will talk more about this in another post.

Rest in peace Robin Williams, and may you have lots of reasons to laugh and have joy on the other side!


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