Life, death & things worth living for: Ebola is just next door

By now the whole world must have heard (or not) of the deadly ebola virus and its rapid spread across some African countries.  Patrick Sawyer, the Liberian diplomat who (intentionally?) brought the disease into Nigeria will be a name never to be forgotten by Nigerians in a very long time. 

The fact that the hospital where he was admitted in and died, as well as another hospital where a patient was tested positive are a few kilometers away from my office is not at all comforting!  What about the bus trips to and from work?  You know how Lagos buses can be jam-packed with passengers and the exchange of body fluids is almost inevitable.. oh the horrible thought!  My paranoiac mind has been very active these past few weeks, sounding an alarm button each time I get an itch, my nose runs, my stomach cramps or I have a backache. I constantly have to re-read the symptoms of the virus to set my self at ease.  Its draining but hey, ebola is just next door, what would you do if you were me?

As news stations continue to update us on potential victims being tested positive and the web of secondary infected victims continues to widen, our thoughts are not only with those infected but also about how not to get infected.  Several offices (including mine) have taken proactive steps to educate and inform staff about the virus, and have even gone as far as providing hand sanitizers for private use and sanitizer dispensers at receptions for public use.  I applaud these efforts, as well as that of the government and other agencies.  As a social media blogger, I am here to do my own part in sensitizing my dear readers – as well as keeping myself as calm as I possibly can – on what we need to know and do to keep ourselves safe. Here is a pictorial overview of basic facts you need to know





Ebola cannot be transmitted via water which is why you should practice good hygiene and wash wash wash, shower shower shower!! You can also not get infected via food – this fact is debatable to me because isn’t all that bush meat and suya food?  What If I want to cook some delicious Afang soup with bush meat or make indomie with suya chips in it?  Yikes!

Please use hand sanitizers with alcoholic content 60% and up.  Do not use raw bleach to sanitize your hands, it must be diluted in some water first or else you risk skin corrosion.

The upside of the outbreak of this terrible disease is that almost every ignorant and illiterate Tom, Dick and Harry can now define the word “hand sanitizer”, haha!  Also everyone is beginning to develop better hand-washing and personal hygiene practices, which is not something many Lagosians are known for! Many people have also decided to stay at home instead of going to club thereby mixing body fluids at the club – which means that there will be more quality time spent at home! 

The downside is that our dear suya stands, many gyms and public outlets will lose patronage for a while.  Someone has suggested that schools remain shut after the summer holidays to better prevent their children from getting infected.  You can’t blame nobody for bringing that up!  Also for those who have hiked the price of hand sanitizers to make excessive profits while making it difficult for people to afford to buy… There is God o!  If you cant afford one, please use soap and water – its actually more effective.

Too much said already.  Stay safe my people!!


9 thoughts on “Life, death & things worth living for: Ebola is just next door

  1. Hmmmm…God will help us all,the other day,my pastor just kept telling us to go shake peoples hand round church,kai..says we are immune to Ebola.As a child of God,we are under Gods protection true,but it is still also important to be careful,I did one hand sanitizer wash per handshake,didn’t even care about the stare I was receiving.God will help us


    1. LOL! That must have been a sight! I totally agree with you – one must be careful despite the protection that we know we receive from God. For example, the Catholic church has started giving communion by open hands now and not to the recipients mouths. Hand shaking has also been suspended. Wisdom is profitable to direct, not so?


  2. Love this post and all the cool educative pictures. Hahaha… God will help us all. It’s really scary n to think one dies in just 21 days? S**t


    1. Thank you Kemen! Yeah its really scary – almost like the “Resident Evil” movie we used to watch, only without the living dead, haha! Not to make light of the matter but 21 days can get you a straight ticket to Heaven, if you ask me! Much better life there too, if I may say so. But then again…God is our shield!! .


  3. I can’t imagine how it feels to know that ebola is so close but I agree with you that educating yourself and others, along with taking preventative measures is the best course of action. It doesn’t do anyone any good to panic or freak out and I applaud you for your proactive mindset! Stay safe and keeping you in my thoughts!


    1. Yes It is quite frightening but like you said, we’re trying not to panic! Some experimental drugs have been approved for use and research on vaccines are underway so there is some hope! Thank you for your kind thoughts Lilian! 🙂
      Waiting for your next post, haha!


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