Bunmi’s birthday at La Campange Tropicana Beach Resort

This post is so overdue, phew!

So Bunmi’s birthday was coming up and she had this great idea of us spending it on some beach resort I’d never heard about.  Of course y’all know I love the beach so I was game!

She told me it was somewhere off the island (obviously, lol) and we had to leave early enough to get there.  Since it was an environmental Saturday in Lagos we had to wait till 10am to take off from our homes.

Taking off from home

Taking off from home

I got to The Palms at Lekki, after which Bubu and her friends showed up.  Since we were at the mall we decided to buy a few other things we thought we’d need for the party (like more ice and drinks :D) then took off to go get the food (yum!) at another friend’s house.  By the time we started the main trip, it was past noon.

I think it took us two hours to get there – maybe less – It felt much longer though!

When we arrived, some very cheerful ladies and gents dressed in native attires were there to greet us – and collect a gate fee, lol. It was #5k per person.  I liked their outfits though, and they were pretty cheerful.

Bunmi (2nd from the right) and her friends

We were allowed to bring in our food so we kicked off our shoes and walked to the beach.  Because of the time spent getting there, my phone was already in the red and so the pictures taken were quite few.

We had looots of food, home-made choc chip cookies (baked by Ada) and an awesome cake.  Without wasting too much time, we prayed (yup, we Naija people are like that!) and ate… I was very hungry after the long and airy ride but I was also eager to explore the beach so I ate as quickly as I could (which is about as fast as a snail would, arggggh!).


La Campange’s gate fee covers the use of all their facilities which includes a boat ride, horse ride, swimming pool facilities, as well as beach games such as football and volleyball.  I noticed they also had board games lying neatly around, and a stage set for live concerts, maybe?  The #5k fee also covers a jet ski ride (which was out of service at that time 😦 .  They also have food courts, bars and accommodation for those who would like to stay over.  We noticed they had a  quad bike which could be used at a separate price.

Once we were done with eating, everyone split up, haha!  We enjoyed what we could of the facilities either alone or in pairs and groups, it was a lot of fun! I didn’t have time for the pool, horse ride and my usual  seashell hunt PLUS the jet ski was out of service (I should have asked for my change, heehee!) but all in all, I had a super time.! 😀

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So what’d I think of the resort? Awesome! Absolutely.  But it’s just too far to want to go often, plus the gate fee is pretty steep for a one day affair – except if I went there as early and left as late as I possibly could. A stay over would be nice as well, I’ve heard good reviews about that.  I think they can do a lot more with their space too… that’s the business consultant part of me talking, lol.

I’d love to go back there again, and if you haven’t, you should!


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