SOD Show 87: Danceography

Yes, yes, we are back!

Spirit of David Gospel Dance Club is partnering with Modamo Photography to host another innovative show called DANCEOGRAPHY.  It’s going to be one like never before and trust SOD – when we promise, we deliver! 😀

So what exactly is Danceography?

The complete idiots guide to SOD terminology defines it as DANCE + PHOTOGRAPHY.  it can also be defined as SOD + MODAMO.COM Creative right?  haha! But really, that’s what it is.

For the geeks who want to dig deeper to find truth beneath the surface, there is a deeper meaning behind the name. DANCEOGRAPHY is about fruits that last…

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John 15:16 CEB says : You didn’t choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you could go and produce fruit and so that your fruit could last

We’ve been dancing for the past 17 years across states, countries and continents, and the experience has changed not only the lives of the members but the lives of those who have come in contact with our shows.  During the course of some of these shows, epic pictures were taken which remind us daily of the impact we have had on countless people all over the globe.  These pictures remind us of our encounter, our promise and our journey.  This is what we want to share with you on October 1st, 2014.  Grand and epic pictures that tell the story of our history a club, a ministry and a family. Our fruits!

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2 Samuel 6:14 ESV says: And David danced before the Lord with all his might wearing a priestly garment.  

This is our foundation.  We use dance and music as a platform and medium to give glory to God, to tell stories and to communicate to our audience what we believe in.   Our International show is held in Lagos every 1st October to celebrate the freedom of our country Nigeria, as well as the freedom we have been given in Christ Jesus!

DANCEOGRAPHY will host you to an interactive photo and art exhibition courtesy of our professional photographer MODAMO.COM.  This exhibition will take you through milestones of our journey from  show #1 to #87.  Don’t worry, it won’t just be a boring photo / art viewing session.  You’ll be given an opportunity to dance just like we do, watch spontaneous art while listening to spoken word, view our artifacts and still watch never seen performances from our various branches – straight from our stables!  The best part is that you’ll be given an opportunity to purchase some of this wonderful photos for yourselves… we want to share our fruits with you! Heehee. These photos will come in various sizes for your offices, homes and studios at very unbelievable prices!

After feeding your eyes, you can feed your belly with mouthwatering goodies from our food gallery :D.

This will be a great opportunity for you to meet other art lovers in the dance, photography and painting communities.  It’s going to be an independence day worth your while!

I shall say no more… hurry now to and book your preferred time slot for the hour-long exhibition tour.  Also visit  our website, facebook , youtube and instagram pages for more info.

 I’m looking forward to meeting you there!

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