NooLaH delivers Christmas Inspired song with Birth and Salvation

NooLaH is a gospel indie singer and songwriter who was raised in Jos, Plateau State Nigeria and she is currently working on releasing songs she has been writing over the years.

Like many other artistes, NooLaH sang as a child and joined her church choir at a very early age as well as in her high school where every student formed part of a mass choir. She was a pioneer member of “Christ for Everyone” (X4E), a music collaboration of friends and family who got involved in creative song writing and hosting live Christmas concerts in Jos for 7 years.

Exposure to various genres of music from her 4 older siblings gave her an opportunity to appreciate music and form her own NooLaHidentity. Pop, hiphop, R&B, rock, soul and many others found their way to her heart, but rock made the biggest impression, even though she didn’t realize it at that time. “It was much later in my adult life that I realized that most of my favourite songs from the past were rock songs; it’s a relief to know I’m not part of a fad!” she remarks, laughing. However her preference for rock has not so much constrained her music – a reason why she refrains from belonging to any specific genre for the time being. “I just sing from my heart, my soul. The lyrics come, the melody comes. Fitting in has never been part of me, as uncomfortable as it may sometimes feel. I don’t expect my music to do the same, except resonate with those it was meant to connect with”.

Most of NooLaH’s music is rooted in her journey of soul-seeking events and situations. “I never write based on a whim” she says, “music is my high; it makes me happy, but it is also a form of expression for me and so there has to be a connect before I can do something meaningful with it”

NooLaH has one single titled “I love you” which was released earlier this year and is set to release another Christmas inspired track titled “Birth & Salvation” (produced by Gboof Music) in December. She currently lives in Lagos.

Download Birth & Salvation Here

Twitter: @bluphoenixrebel




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