My Top 5 Dream Destinations


Besides wanting to be a pediatrician, singer and a nun (seriously!), I remember telling my mom I would love to be a tourist.  We were traveling to the village once and the view of the green hills, the blue skies and thick white clouds speeding past my window mesmerized me.  I told her I would love to travel the world and drink in all of the beautiful scenes.  I remember her smile and not say a thing.

Fast forward to a couple of years and I was a teenager spending lots of time outside my home.  One day when my parents were scolding me, my mom said “This girl said she wants to be a tourist, see how long she stays outdoors, we have to be careful with her!”  I laugh now that I think about it, but back then I felt betrayed and felt that their efforts to keep me indoors was a strategy to kill the ‘tourist’ in me.  Of course I know much better now.

Sadly I haven’t done much traveling, even though I am sure that the hours spent in Lagos traffic now equal the hours of flights I would’ve spent traveling the world! If I were to travel though – and I most certainly will –  these would be my top 5 destinations:


I’ve always been drawn to all things Asian (dear future hubby, take note! :D) and I would very much like to visit beautiful Malaysia. It is a country in Southeast Asia, which shares a border with Thailand, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia. They have wonderful national festivals, I love their textiles and lanterns, their food looks spicy but totally healthy and their arts and culture vibrant and colorful. I’d certainly love to walk on one of their beaches too, they are absolutely divine!

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Oftentimes I’m a realist but the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic is one of the reasons I agree there’s a bit of idealism in me!  France reminds me of lots of stuff: love, perfumes, good food (like my french toast), wines and sweet candies!  It seems they have great architecture too. I am certain there are more interesting tourist sites other than the Eiffel tower.. I’d like to check out the countryside, for example. Wait, France has Disneyland too? 😮

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The late Nelson Mandela and the strong history this country has, coupled with its amazing wildlife are some reasons I’d want to visit South Africa.  I mean, those Safari’s are breathtaking and the sunsets would certainly make me cry!  Not sure about their food, but I’ve seen some amazing chefs come from SA.  I’ve actually gotten an invite to this place, maybe I should up and hurry on the matter already!

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Growing up I watched this weird movie which I never forgot because of their incredibly white beaches and crystal-clear blue sea.  I also fell in love with the soundtrack and the lead actor was sorta cute, but I was too engrossed in the scenery to bother that the young man was Leonardo DiCaprio.  I later on discovered that the movie was shot in Thailand and I said to myself: “Girl, you gotta go there!”  So yeah,  not many reasons to want to go to Thailand but for a movie titled “The Beach” and a soundtrack from All Saints titled “Pure Shores” (I can still sing the song to this day). You might want to check it out but like I said, weird movie.  And oh, I have this really cool Thai recipe book I MUST try out someday… after I buy a wok, I suppose.  If however, you enjoy spring rolls and samosas, give me a ring!

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What do the Greeks and I have in common?  Youthfulness! *wink*wink*  Also our immense love for Olive oil, YUM!  I like Greece, just because.  I’d love to go to Mykonos though.  Beautiful, beautiful.

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And its a wrap! Hope you enjoyed touring these countries with me.  I really, really hope I can go see them and beyond.  A girl as always, can dream, but she can also work towards that dream, and that’s what I’m going to do… See you later, gotta get back to work!

p.s : Did you enjoy my last post?  That was me, by the way. Yes, I’ve become a local celebrity of sorts and it was one of my greatest feats of the year!  If you haven’t listened to my first track titled “I love you” and newly released track titled “birth and salvation”, click here

4 thoughts on “My Top 5 Dream Destinations

  1. I’ve been to numbers 1 and 2, though for very brief amounts of time (my friend and I were in and out of Paris in a day! Perks of traveling from London 🙂 ). All your other places are places I want to visit someday too, especially Greece! Ah well…maybe my honeymoon?? But I think rather than wait for future husbands to show up, we should just make it happen ourselves. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brief is much better than no traveling at all, I’m sure you still had fun too! If you can go before your honeymoon you might as well… then when the time comes you can give great reviews and decide on where you REALLY want to go for that special holiday! Is London much of a tourist destination, I wonder?
      Thanks for always commenting Lilian, have a great 2015!


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